10 Best Apps To Create Beautiful Instagram Stories That Your Followers Will Love

10 apps for creating beautiful instagram stories for your brand

Instagram is one of the hottest social media apps used today for marketing. The key to any successful Instagram account, though, is connecting with your followers. While there are so many ways you can do this (engage, engage, engage!), utilizing Instagram stories keeps moving to the top of the list. 

Stories that are both visually appealing and also stand out will leave a longer lasting impression on your followers than sometimes a photo in your regular grid will. More people are opening their app and tuning into what’s new in the latest stories rather than scrolling a newsfeed first. And, when you make your stories interactive with calls to action, product links, swipe up features, and more, you’re encouraging your followers to connect. 

People are looking for stories that both entertain and inspire them, so when you can check at least one of those boxes off the list, you’re more likely to have an audience that is engaged and will keep coming back time and time again. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite Instagram Story Template apps to help you start creating and sharing your own story! 


1. Easy Custom Templates with Canva


Canva is perfect for those who want the photoshop finish but may have limited graphic design experience. With thousands of templates to choose from, for all social media platforms, creating your Instagram story has never been easier. All you have to do is choose the perfect template, and then make minor changes based on the content you’re wanting to share.

Canva can be used on either your desktop or your mobile device, and the program works as beautifully no matter which method you prefer. Once you’ve chosen your template, all you have to do is drag and drop your photos into the allotted spaces, and you can even switch up fonts, colors, shapes, and more. Choose from templates already created within Canva, or create your own to use time and time again. The choice is yours and the outcome is a gorgeous Instagram story. Out of all the apps, Canva is one that offers the most design options and templates as part of the free version.  

Here are just a few examples of gorgeous Stories we created with Canva. And guess what? All of these templates are free!

made with canva


2. Create Stories That Look Like They Came Straight From a Camera Roll with StoryLuxe’s Perfect Photography Features

story luxe

StoryLuxe is perfect if you’re opting for clean, modern stories that truly highlight the heart of your content. Create the perfect highlight reel when you choose the in-app borders and features that give photos that Kodak or Fuji film finish. StoryLuxe is one app that makes it look like your photos came straight from your old school Kodak film roll. Simple to use and made for mobile devices, StoryLuxe makes editing on the go easier than ever, so you can save time creating and spend more time engaging. 


3. Remix Your Photos with StoryArt

story art

Create gorgeous, unique story and highlight templates in a matter of seconds, all from your mobile device. StoryArt offers so many cool features such as newspaper templates, film, polaroid, holiday-themed, Q&A, collages, and more. This app literally provides so many ideas for creating your next story series, that you’ll feel inspired every single time you open the app. You can even select and save your preferred colors so that your stories always match your IG grid and theme.  While StoryArt may be the least artistic of the apps, it does provide more free templates than the others, and makes the perfect app for sharing professional IG stories without too many distracting features. 


4. Showcase Clean, Classic Stories & a Minimalist Approach with Unfold

unfold app

Unfold is the perfect story creator when you’re wanting your content to stand out. Create your own set of templates and save them for use time and time again. Simple, clean, and classic template choices help create timeless stories that will show your followers your polished side. What we love about Unfold is you can save your templates after each use and categorize them all within the app, making it easier the next time you need to create a quick story and share. 


5. Add Music, Stickers, Text, and More To Your Videos With InShot

inshot app

We love utilizing InShot for Instagram stories because you can take any video file and change the size, give it a background, add music, and more. Plus, video stories tend to get higher views and fewer click throughs than images, so anytime you can work a video into your story is a win! 


6. Show Your Personality With A Design Kit

a design kit

Add a little personality to your stories by adding text, stickers, realistic brushes, fun backgrounds, and more to your stories. With over 30 fonts, multiple colors, and tons of inspiration, A Design Kit will bring some fun to your next story and is the perfect way to get those followers engaged! 


7. Add Quick Captions to Your Stories With Clipomatic


Add an instant caption to your photo by simply creating your video! What do we mean? With Clipomatic, all you have to do is speak into your phone while you record your story, and the app will automatically caption everything you’re saying directly into the story. We love this for so many reasons, but above all, it gives those who may have difficulty hearing a chance to know exactly what is going on, and that is more than enough reason for us to use this app on the regular! 


8. Add an Overlay of Fonts, Colors, and More To Your Stories With Over

over instagram story app

9. No matter what type of content you’re sharing, Over will have so many options for how you can bring life to your stories! With fonts, colors, templates, and more - your design options are endless. We love that Over stands out by letting you add the perfect overlay of personality in the form of text and graphics to your photos and videos. 


Add Animated Text To Your Stories With Hype Type

Forget about boring text and uninspiring fonts - Hype Type is the perfect app to add a little spice to your story. From multiple fonts, colors, backgrounds, and animations, Hype Type allows you to tell your story without taking away from the main focus of your content. We love that there are so many variations to choose from, so you’re always able to post something new and fresh! 


10. Tell the Ultimate Story with Trending Effects, Film Filters, Animations, and More with Prequel

prequel instagram story

Prequel is perfect for the ultimate visionary. Create stories that will stand out time and time again with this app’s endless options. From trending effects, filters, animations, and more, Prequel will have everyone thinking you’re a graphic design pro in a matter of clicks. Add video glitches, old school VHS detailing, weather effects, and more with just a click from your mobile app. You’ll have so much fun creating, and your followers will love seeing what you post next!