10 Inspiring Fall Photoshoot Locations

The smell of pumpkin spice, the sound of leaves crunching, and the sight of colorful leaves blowing from the trees - it’s easy to see why fall photoshoots are so popular and inviting! Everywhere you look, there’s a potential autumn photoshoot just waiting to be discovered. Here are 10 inspirational locations for any fall session.

1. Cornfields make a beautiful backdrop or foreground to a fall photoshoot, especially with their long stalks and seasonal significance. Whether you get lost in a maze or stand just on the edge, cornfields add a bit of autumn in a photo session.

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2. Can’t find any fall color in your landscape? No problem! The muted colors of grassy fields are a perfect spot for autumn photoshoots. Add a pop of color with wardrobe, and you’ve got the ideal fall set-up.

fall photoshoot ideas

Photo Via Emily Soto

3. Have a fall photoshoot in the comfort of your own home. Cozy up with a warm blanket, a book, and some hot chocolate, and get the autumn vibes going.

fall photoshoot ideas

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4. You don’t need to leave your backyard to find that perfect fall shot. Grab your camera and get some photos of simple moments playing around in the leaves. Easy, fun, and perfectly fall.

fall photoshoot ideas

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5. Sessions on the water are made even more dreamy by the colors of fall. Whether it’s a lake or a small pond, the orange and yellow reflections of leaves create the ultimate fall photoshoot look.

fall photoshoot ideas

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6. Apple orchards can be a romantic and fun experience for autumn photoshoots. Bring a blanket with you, and you can even have a picnic session.

fall photoshoot ideas

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7. What says fall better than picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch? This location is perfect for family or engagement sessions, and bonus! You get to take a pumpkin home with you!

fall photoshoot ideas

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8. Take a stroll down your local downtown or neighborhood street. Pops of color from leaves on the pavement will add the perfect touch to a fall photoshoot.

fall photoshoot ideas

Photo Via Wendy's Lookbook

9. Grab some friends and camp out! Wander around nature, relax at your campsite, and snap some photos of yourselves enjoying the fall season.

fall photoshoot ideas

Photo Via Liz Devine

10. Go on a nature walk - especially during the last few hours of sunlight. As the sun sets over the fall colors of surrounding trees and flowers, your fall photoshoot will be dreamy and filled with golden light.

fall photoshoot location ideas

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