15 Stylish Petite Bloggers You'll Love!

Fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen these days. What sets these 15 petite style influencers apart from the rest? Read on to find out!

In this post, we take a look at some of the best petite fashion bloggers on the web. They come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, but there’s one thing in common - they all have a passion for fashion and style. These fabulous petite bloggers give us hope that you don't need to be tall, thin or even wear heels in order to feel confident and stylish. 

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Lauren, @thriftyblondeblog

Lauren is a 5’0 petite blogger. Small in stature but a dynamite in style. Her cute & casual style is so relatable and inspiring, they're perfect for every woman.



Khanh Cagley, @sweetandpetite_, 98k

Khanh is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Her page is as sweet as can be and her style is a mix between casual and chic. Her blog is great for everyday wear to special occasions!



Stefanie Eadie , @accordingtoblaire, 239k

Stefanie is a proud momma and petite style blogger. She has such a cute and cozy style that any petite girl would love! Stefanie blogs not only style but maternity, hair, beauty, lifestyle, and home.



Sunita, @sunitav_, 216k

Sunita has fabulous style and fun hairstyles! Her style is so fun, chic, and sexy. Sunita maybe small but she isn’t afraid to wear anything!



Jean, @jeanwang, 571k

Jean believes size and height should never be a handicap to style and feeling confident. Jean’s style and fashion revolves around classic and timeless styles. Jean loves to share not only her style but yummy food as well!



AikA, @aikaslovecloset, 69.4k

AikA is a petite style blogger who moved from Japan to Seattle. Inspired by American and Japanese cultures she fuses the two create a versatile and diverse style. She stands at 5’ with colorful hair and unique and fun fashion!



Diane Taha, @stylecontext, 21.7k

Diane post fashion and beauty! She’s a small thing with totally killer style. She’s so chic and has so many fun pieces in her closet it will make you want to shop now!



Erika Fox, @retroflame, 156k

Erika is an Irish fashion blogger and youtuber living life in New York. Erika’s blog includes fashion, travel, interior, beauty, fitness, and her shop. This fiery-hair blogger has elegant, quirky, and a feminine type of style.



Ani & Pri, @a_darlingduo, 3.8k

Senni and Oliva are Austin based style bloggers or as we'd like to refer them "fashion twins". We love their feminine, modern style.



Jess, @jessleecarpenter, 107k

Jess is a petite and sustainable fashion blogger and youtuber. She favors minimalist fashion and neutral colors. Jess focuses on zero waste and ethical brands and makers in fashion.



Laura Bonner, @abouttheoutfits, 35.7k

Laura use to be a lawyer but is now a petite fashion blog in her 40s. Laura has traveled all over the world giving her a global perspective. She has such a feminine style and isn’t afraid to try unique styles making big statements.



Areanna Polter, @everyday_areanna, 46.5k

Areanna is a petite, leopard print loving fashion and mommy blogger. She has a more edgy, casual, and comfy style. She offers affordable fashion tips and pieces for anyone to try!



Lucy Williams, @lucywilliams02, 470k

Lucy is a London blogger who blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, living, and inspiration. She isn’t afraid to wear unique and quirky pieces! Lucy mixes high end fashion pieces with more budget friend pieces.



Christine Petric Gallagher, @viewfrom5ft2, 19.8k

Christine is a petite style and lifestyle blogger born in South Korea and raised in Texas. Outside of outfit style content she has fun shopping roundup post that will make you want to buy something new ASAP. Even though Christine is 5’2 she doesn’t shy away from long dresses, long boots, and jumpsuits!




Sheryl Luke, @walkinwonderland, 393k

Sheryl is a 5’2 fashion blogger who is drawn to drawn to chic, edgy, and grungy outfits. She is a dazzling full-time blogger who has been blogging since 2010. Sheryl’s blog includes style, beauty, collabs, and travel.