4 Best Colorful & Vibrant Mobile Lightroom Presets

Lovers of rich, vivid colors, you will love these Lightroom mobile presets! From warm, cool and neutral tones, these presets will bring the colors in your photos to life.

The Havana Lightroom Mobile Preset gives your photos a colorful island-vibe aesthetic. Havana is amazing for the spring and summer seasons with a soft, vintage vibe.

Pink Sapphire
The Pink Sapphire Mobile Lightroom Preset shines like an ultra-vibrant jewel. This brilliant preset has a touch of warm pink undertone that creates an electrifying look. Pink sapphire is perfect for anyone who loves pink!

The Honey Mobile Lightroom Preset creates rich & stunning colors. This preset adds intensity and richness to your colors. In addition, it's also tan-skin friendly, for those who crave for a bolder tan appearance. It’s the perfect preset for summer and travel images. Honey gives off warm vibes that are perfect for the “live life to its brightest” mantra.

The Emerald Mobile Lightroom Preset is designed to enhance your already tan skin tones, with lush semi-vivid colors that's perfect for travel photos.

These presets are perfect for anyone who loves lively and vivid images. You can get all of these vibrant presets or just pick a few of your favorite ones. Shop these presets