4 Best Lightroom Presets For Moody Vibes

Everyone loves a good moody vibe. Sometimes that’s just what we need to offset deeper tones from brighter ones. Here are five distinctly different and gorgeous Mobile Lightroom Presets that create the perfect moody vibe.


Rose Gold
Who doesn’t like the color rose gold? Now you can use it on your favorite moody vibe images! The Rose Gold Mobile Lightroom Preset uses contrasted rose gold tones to enhance your photos with rich colors. This is perfect for a romantic moody look.

Soft Peach
The Soft Peach Mobile Lightroom Preset adds a softer film-like look to it’s images compared to the rich colors from the Rose Gold. This preset uses muted warm-tones to create a lovely relaxed look. This preset turns your pictures into scenes out of an old fashion movie.

Celestial Grey
The Celestial Grey Mobile Lightroom Preset is perfect for any minimalist and lovers of the color gray. This striking, minimal-tone preset creates a dreamy aurora feel with light grey hues. The Celestial grey creates a gentle atmosphere.


Malibu Blue
The Malibu Blue Mobile Lightroom Preset creates such fun, bold, and vibrant images. With hints of a cool blue tone this preset is perfect for a moody vibe. Malibu blue adds the perfect hint of color compared to the Celestial Grey, which uses all greys and whites.

Each of these moody presets are all so different in their own ways. Find the one that suits your picture taking and instagram needs. Shop these Mobile Lightroom Presets here.