4 Best Indoor & Home Mobile Lightroom Presets

Want to showcase your beautiful home photos but bad lighting gets in the way? Creating nice lighting without any special equipment and photoshop becomes easy with this secret we’re sharing with you! In fact, it’s as easy as a few clicks.

Amp up your indoor and home pictures with these clean and natural presets that can transform a dark, dull indoor shot into a bright, fresh, and lively one. Here are the best Mobile Lightroom Presets for those who desire dreamy, peaceful, vintage, or feminine indoor photos. 


The Dreamy White Mobile Lightroom Preset is for those who love the clean and naturally bright look. The Dreamy White casts a warm white tone and smooths one's complexion and spaces to create a dreamy and luxurious visual. With this soft and elegant finish, the photos of your beautiful interior designs will be elevated.

best indoor lightroom presets


The Dove White Mobile Lightroom Preset creates a clean, cool white hue and a fresh bright aesthetic. Dove White produces a low contrast tone to highlight your images for a tranquil aura. With this preset, your photos will gain a peaceful and serene vibe.


The Farmhouse Mobile Lightroom Preset is perfect for showcasing your indoor spaces with a warm, vintage vibe. The Farmhouse preset is perfect to use for warm rustic interiors that just need that extra something.

Dove White Mobile Lightroom Preset offers a beautiful clean look with a hint of pink giving it a feminine touch. This preset is a low-contrast tone that creates a more gentle look that’s perfect for an indoor photo session. The bright glow produces a tender atmosphere for all of your indoor photoshoots.

Want to try all four? Check out the Dreamy Interiors Lightroom Preset Pack! This has all four of these awesome presets right at your fingertips! It's perfect for home bloggers, photographers, and real estate professionals to create gorgeous, bright dreamy home interior photos!