4 Best Travel Mobile Lightroom Presets

No matter what the season may be, somewhere in the world someone is traveling & and exploring the world. What better way to showcase your travel photos with the perfect Lightroom preset. Make that five, actually! Here are the best Mobile Lightroom Presets to take your travel and vacation photos to the next level. Perfect for influencers looking to elevate their travel Instagram feed and photos.


The Venice Lightroom Mobile Preset creates a bright peachy warm tone that is perfect for enhancing your travel glow. This preset is perfect for tropical vibes!

The Maldives Lightroom Mobile Preset is a rich, vivid preset. With a mix of jewel and saturated warm tones, it is the perfect preset to use for a luxurious island getaway.

Beverly Hills
The Beverly Lightroom Mobile Preset is unlike the others on this list. Beverly Hills uses moody tones to create a cool vibe in different photos. This preset is great for a trip in the big city! It creates a mood that can only be captured with this preset.

The Tahiti Lightroom Mobile Preset is a bright warm and airy aesthetic that has all the makings for a beautiful and fun. With a hint of pink also it separates itself from the rich luxurious vibe of Maldives. This preset is also perfect for enhancing your summertime tan making your skin look like it was kissed by a sunrise.

Influencer Travel Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack

The Capri Lightroom Mobile Preset is the kind of fresh look needed to balance out these other travel favorites! Capri offers bright warm tones and a sunny vibe. With capri you can enhance the best moments from your summer travels making them perfect for anyone’s getaways.

All of these travel worthy presets can be found in our Influencer Travel Lightroom Preset Pack. These presets create swoon-worthy travel photos and instagram feeds. They are made up of a lot of rich warm and cool tones perfect for tropical and city vibes.