5 Best Natural Light & Airy Mobile Lightroom Presets

Want a dreamy and natural look for your Instagram photos? Look no further! Here are five gorgeous Mobile Lightroom Presets that are light & airy with natural tones that are swoon-worthy and distinctive.


Pretty Lifestyle
The Pretty Lifestyle Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack offers a timeless bright & airy lifestyle aesthetic. It is a neutral tone. This pack consists of three perfectly balanced presets based on the same tone.

Everyday Luxe
The Everyday Luxe Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack creates a brilliant, natural, dreamy tone that is rich and vivid. This pack includes gorgeous presets based on the same tone.

The Cashmere Mobile Lightroom Preset creates a subtle pastel green making it very unique from the other presets on this list. This preset produces creamy & bright photos that creates a delicate touch.

Pink Peony
The Pink Peony Mobile Lightroom Preset uses low-contrast and light-colors to create a breezy preset that has a slight, pink undertone. Perfect for creating a bright and airy natural pink vibe.

The Lilac Mobile Lightroom Preset creates a bright & vivid aesthetic with a subtle tint of lavender. It is one of our bestsellers!

These presets are perfect for any occasions and are loved by lifestyle bloggers and anyone looking to create natural, standout aesthetics for their Instagram feeds and photos.