The Perfect Light & Airy Lightroom Preset For Bloggers

Santorini preset collection

Update: Since this post was published in June 2016, we have developed over 10 new photo themes that bloggers all over the world have used and coveted. If you would like to explore these, click here. Below are our recently popular Lightroom preset aesthetics. The original Santorini Lightroom Preset Pack is no longer available for purchase. 

Editing your images for fashion blogs can be time-consuming, and there are no guarantees that you will end up with the aesthetics you want. But our Santorini Lightroom Preset Pack can eliminate the hard work of post processing and help you to achieve stunning photos with just a couple of simple clicks. It’s no wonder Santorini is the most popular presets collection, and here are the top 6 reasons why it is our bestseller amongst fashion bloggers and photographers as well.


  1. The Santorini Preset Pack provides instant effects for clean, bright photos

The Santorini preset collection adds a desirable airiness to your images that gives them a softness, while still retaining sharpness of detail. The result is fresh and vibrant photos that really stand out from the rest.

light and airy lightroom presets collection by dreamy presets


  1. Brands love distraction-free images that highlight their products

The clear, bright and airy aesthetics achieved using the Santorini preset collection are perfect for highlighting products. Transform your photos with a look that brands absolutely love, creating clean and radiant images.

 light and airy lightroom presets collection by dreamy presets

  1. They work seamlessly with your current aesthetics and can be easily tweaked

Whatever your preferred style and aesthetics are, the Santorini Preset Pack complements them for beautiful results. After applying the presets, you can easily tweak the settings to create photos that are uniquely yours and reflect the subtleties that you envision.

 light and airy lightroom presets collection by dreamy presets

  1. They allow up to three different tones so you can explore new aesthetics

The color-enhancing tones of The Santorini Preset Pack allow you to work with different aesthetics, opting for neutral, cool or warm tones in your images. You can explore different ambiances and experiment until you get the aesthetic that works best for you and your style.


light and airy lightroom presets collection by dreamy presets

  1. It includes two outdoor light effects to add a touch of whimsy to your photos

Not only does The Santorini Preset Pack work perfectly with images shot indoors or in the studio, but it also includes two outdoor light effects that will add that special whimsical magic to your photos without changing your true aesthetics. 

Bloggers Who Use The Santorini 

afternoon espresso pineapple and presecco elements of ellis dressedbyjess sandy a la mode missy on madison

  "The Santorini Lightroom Preset Pack is AMAZING! It has truly helped me 'up' my Instagram game and makes editing my photos so much easier. Rather than going through a long editing process, this preset collection has all of the edits I typically like to make to my photos in it so it saves me time and makes editing photos a fun process!" - Missy On Madison

  "I can't believe how easy and fast it is to edit my photos using the Santorini Lightroom Preset Pack. It is the best!" - Elements of Ellis

  "If you want clean, bright and dreamy photos, this preset pack is it! It's so easy to use." - Dressed By Jess