5 Tips To Create An Airy Indoor Photoshoot

Nothing is cozier than a sun-dappled indoor photography session in your own home or studio. More and more engagement sessions, portraits, and product stylings are happening in an indoor setting, and knowing how to nail that perfect airy feeling is important in the world of indoor photography. But getting that perfectly lighted shot can be tricky, especially if don’t have a lot of experience shooting indoors. To get the best shot with indoor photography, here are 5 tips for creating an airy and natural light-filled indoor photoshoot!

  How to take indoor photos

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1. Photograph close to a window

If you’re shooting near the corner of a room or a place where shadows can fall on a subject’s face or product, you’re not going to get good lighting for your photo. Set up your shot near open light, so that just enough of the sun’s rays filter through your pictures.

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2. Time of Day

Be aware of the time when you schedule your indoor photography session. Depending on the time of day, the sun may be too bright for a frame, which will give your photos an overexposed look. If you shoot too late in the day, your photos will be dark and grainy, and it will take a lot of editing (if possible!) to get the kind of lighting you want.

how to take indoor photos

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3. Create open spaces between objects

Leave intentional spaces between your subjects and their surroundings, as well as your products and props when shooting indoors. Creating these spaces will allow natural light to illuminate through your photos, giving your shots an overall airy look.

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4. Know your exposure (ISO)

It takes a lot of practice and test shooting to nail the right light in indoor photography. Make sure before you book a session that you play around with your camera settings. Check to make sure you know how to change your ISO setting, and what to do if your environment is too dark/light. Knowing how to increase the exposure on your camera can make or break the results of a session!

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5. Create a color scheme

Add pops of color to an indoor photoshoot to instantly brighten up a session, or choose a creamy, pastel color scheme to create a relaxed and flowing look. Using light colored walls, fabrics, or props definitely go a long way in maintaining that perfect natural light, and even clothing selection can determine the outcome of the light in sessions.