5 Tips To Rebrand Your Blog

how to rebrand your blog

It's typical that as the new year begins, many bloggers will start to think about rebranding their blogs. If last year was a great one, then chances are you’re wanting to take your blog to the next level in the coming year. But if you had a slow year, then you may want to consider ways you can rebrand your blog to attract more viewers. Before you start cleaning the house, here are five tips to consider to help you rebrand your blog successfully. Plus we have a free Blog Rebranding Checklist for you download and to get started right away.


What do you hope to accomplish by rebranding your blog? You need to clearly define quantifiable metrics that you can use to measure your success. Outline the website traffic and followers you want to receive, the collaborations and engagements you will establish, and brainstorm the features you want to add. You can’t monitor your blog’s success without measurable goals!



A clear roadmap will help you plan your rebranding and can be as simple as listing all the tasks that need to be done. What features to do you want to add to your blog or remove? What elements of your site need to be redesigned or do you need a whole new theme? What plugins should you add in? You can download our printable ‘Rebranding Checklist’ form to help organize your roadmap.

blog rebranding checklist



Most rebranding efforts will involve changing the look or feel of your blog, and when you select a new aesthetic, the color scheme and style needs to be reflected in every aspect of your brand. Whether you’re outsourcing this job or doing it yourself, make sure you create a mood board or style guide to help visualize the changes and exactly how your new site will look. Check out our recommended list of beautiful, affordable themes if you're ready to search for a new blog theme.

If you’re a fashion, beauty or food blogger, you’ll understand the crucial role that photography plays in your blogging success and this cannot be overlooked. If you’re changing your blog’s aesthetic, make sure your photographs reflect this metamorphosis and always strive to improve the quality of your images. It may mean investing in a better camera with higher resolution to create clearer images or honing your post-processing skills to create the most up-to-date look.



One of the hallmarks of a successful blog is that it stays focused. If you’re trying to cover too many areas, readers won’t recognize you as an expert in any! Focus on what you are most passionate about and feel confident writing on, then repackage your blog around those themes.



It’s always good to follow your gut instincts, but when you’re making changes and rebranding your blog, sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective. Ask your blogger friends or a professional for their feedback on your blog and any areas you could improve. If you’re looking for consultation advice, we’re always happy to help and feel free to contact us for more information.

Rebranding your blog doesn’t mean starting over from scratch, but building on the previous year’s hard work. It may just require a few tweaks to stay current and up-to-date, or a more in-depth new year’s spring clean to make your blog really stand out. 

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