5 Ways To Beautify Your Instagram Feed

Let’s face it, social media can basically make or break your business or brand. These days, companies must have a savvy knowledge of how to create engaging Instagram feeds to keep up with the competition. The key is finding the perfect recipe in making your own brand’s Instagram beautiful, unique, and inviting. Here are 5 ways to do that!


1. Stick with one filter / aesthetics

 Finding an edit that works best for you or your brand can take some time and experimentation, but goes a long way in creating consistency for your Instagram feed. Use similar, if not the same, edits every time you post a photo on Instagram. This will allow your followers to distinguish your look from other companies.

Monica Hibbs


2. Know your style

Whether you’re a travel blogger, fashion designer, or wedding photographer - make sure you’re posting a consistent style on Instagram. You want your followers to take one look at your brand and know exactly what you’re about. Your engagement will steadily rise if users know what to expect to see from your posts. 

Marianna Hewitt


3. Play around with color and ideas

Keep it fun and playful - it’s only Instagram, right? Add pops of color in photos to make a post more interesting and fresh. Brainstorm new ways to get your ideas across to followers. They’ll love seeing your brand’s content shared through creative posts.

Rosie Clayton Instagram 

4. Post consistently

It’s important not to overload your followers with too many posts on Instagram, while at the same time, posting on a daily basis. The sweet spot is learning how many posts your brand should put out daily. By posting 1-3 times per day, you can ensure that your followers stay engaged with your content (without getting sick of it!).

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5. Good content

Nobody wants to see the countless selfies you took of yourself while you got ready this morning or the grainy picture you took out with your friends the night before. Ask yourself, would this post  get engagement from a complete stranger? Will this post represent my brand well? Is this inspiring and beautiful to someone looking for inspiration? If the answer is no - don’t post it!

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