6 Ways To Capture Dreamy Photos

how to take dream photos

Whether you’re looking for that whimsical feel to your wedding photography or just want a softer edge for family portraits, creating dreamy photos combines an understanding of the right shooting conditions and techniques, with some in-the-know post-processing. From working with that magical “golden hour” light to tweaking your shots in Lightroom, here are 6 ways to capture dreamy photos.


1.Shoot when the natural light is at its softest

The soft tones and warm ambiance of the “golden hour”, when the sun makes its final approach towards the horizon, is the ideal time for capturing dreamy photos. While the rich lighting of sunrise can also have similar results, starting your shoot an 1 1/2 - 2 hours before sunset gives you time to experiment before the most atmospheric and creative lighting conditions set in.


2.Position your subjects

Positioning your subjects with the sun either in front or behind them can create distinctly different shots. Front lighting their faces will see them illuminated with naturally warm tones, while back lighting them against the low setting sun gives a rich glow around your subjects.


3.Selectively angle your shots

Even slight changes in the way you angle your shots can create drastically contrasting photos, particularly if you are backlighting at sunset. If you angle your camera just right, you will get a magical, rim lighting glow around your subjects, and if you let the sun directly hit your lens, a rainbow flare will illuminate the scene.


4.Have your subjects wear light colored clothes

While having your subjects in bold, brightly colored clothes will automatically draw the viewers attention, light colors will work with the whimsical theme of the shoot and let the light work its magic. Soft pastels and earthy tones are ideal when capturing dreamy photos, while whites create an ethereal effect.


5.Select an open, airy space

The open space of a grassy field or deserted beach is ideal for capturing dreamy photos, with natural breezes giving life to your images and an unobstructed setting for the sunset light to shine through.


6.Post-process with the Santorini Preset Collection

Creating dreamy photos is as much about post-processing as it is about shooting, and the Santorini Preset Collection allows you to do just that with one simple click. Enhance your color tones, soften skin and remove yellow casts, all whilst adding a golden-hour sunlight overlay to your images.




With the opportunity to step outdoors into the natural environment and work with the rapidly changing light, capturing dreamy photos is a great way to test your creative potential. Shooting in uncontrolled conditions doesn’t always produce perfect results, however, but with a few post-processing adjustments, the results can be magical.

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