9 Best Apps & Tools To Crush Your Instagram Game

best instagram apps

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level? Then you have come to the right place my friends. We have rounded up the 10 best free apps and tools to crush it on Instagram. These apps will help you elevate your brand and save you time. Not to mention, they are all super easy to use! You will be a pro in no time, we promise!


1. PrettyCaptions.Com


PrettyCaptions.com - Did you ever see bloggers or businesses on Instagram that have those perfect captions with beautiful spaces? Maybe you have tried to create line breaks in your captions, and it was a lot of work or still didn’t turn out right. We have all been there. But, fear no more because we have the solution for you! PrettyCaptions.com is a free tool for creating unlimited line breaks for your Instagram, Facebook captions and ads. It is super handy when it comes to creating long captions and ones that standout. Bookmark it away, now you can get those nice spaced captions quick and easy!


2. Unum


Unum –– Unum is the standard in storytelling. This is one of those apps we can’t live without! Whether you are a creative, a startup, brand, artist, or an individual you will benefit greatly from this app. It was featured app of the day by Apple so that says a lot. This app will help you build your brand by allowing you to carefully create and plan your Instagram grid. You can visually plan both Instagram posts and stories in one place. But, it doesn’t stop there, Unum also offers a feature that you can design and analyze your feed with your best times and top hashtags in mind. It’s everything you need to grow and drive your story home.


3. PicMonkey


PicMonkey –– PicMonkey has been around for a while and it’s an amazing tool when it comes to all things social media. It is available on both your phone and computer as well. It’s a photo editor and design app where you can create stunning social posts, banners, and more. You can edit and touch up pictures, crop and resize images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest. It’s very user friendly and anyone can navigate it and it can really help you and your brand. PicMonkey also have some in app purchases that allow you to fix your complexion, contour, fix eyes, and whiten teeth.


4. Unfold

unfold app

Unfold –– Elevate your stories with templates with the help of the app Unfold. This app is a life changer when it comes to creating eye catching content. It’s clean and easy to use. Did you ever want to share a photo and it just wouldn’t upload correctly into your story? This is a solution for that! It’s the ultimate toolkit for story tellers and allows you to create beautiful stories with templates. They have over 150+ templates to choose from that fit you and your unique brand. You can use advanced text tools with their stunning fonts and unique stickers. After you are done creating your stories you export them in high resolution or seamless sharing to the platform of your choice.


5. InShot

inshot app

InShot  –– InShot is a must have video editing app! This app will have your videos looking professional with all their incredible features. You can add music, effects, stickers, texts, and even voice overs easily! You can adjust speed as well, which is really fun. Once your done making your video awesome you can share them to social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. It’s a super handy app to have and will really benefit your brand. The possibilities are endless.


6. Lightroom


Lightroom –– Ah, good old Lightroom. Where do we even begin? This is one of our all time favorite apps when it comes to building and scaling a successful brand. It’s a free powerful tool that empowers you to create beautiful photos all while helping you become a better photographer. Some of the free features include the preset option and advanced edits for color change, exposure, and more. Interactive tutorials are also available to help get inspired and learn step by step lessons from fellow photographers.


7. Video Editor

Video Editor

Video Editor –– Video Editor is another great app designed for beginners who want to create amazing content. But, just because it’s designed for beginners doesn’t mean your videos will look that way. This app allows you to take a pile of pictures and turn them into a professional looking video all with shockingly little effort on your part! This is a good app to have and a fun, easy way to make your brand stand out.


8. Canva


Canva –– Canva makes design amazingly simple and fun! You can create stunning designs with your photos and videos, even if you’re not an expert. The possibilities are endless with over 60,000 templates from Instagram stories, logos, invitations, Pinterest pins, and much more. It’s available on your desktop and phone for free.


9. Hype-Type

hype type

Hype-Type –– If the name didn’t give it away, Hype Type is an app that helps you hype up and design your social media stories with automatically styled and designed motion typography. You were born to sand out and so was your brand! This app even offers meaningful quotes and sayings to your content if you need a little extra help on what to say that day. You’re doing incredible things and you need to share that in a way that excites you and others, and this is just the right way to do that.


Well, there you have it! If you are looking to build your brand we highly recommend using these tools. Those magical apps and websites help us and millions of successful creators every day. Happy creating!