Add Grains & Texture Your Photos In Lightroom Mobile App

Want your photos to have that nostalgic, vintage film-like appearance? This type is aesthetic is extremely popular on Instagram and especially during the fall season. Here's how to create this type of aesthetic in the Lightroom mobile app below!

Add Grains
The first step is adding a little grains to your photos. Adding grains gives your photos a slightly “rough” texture which emulates the look of film. Go the photo you want to edit, select Effects button, scroll down until you see Grains and increases this setting. You can also adjust the Size & Roughness of the grains. Remember, a little goes a long away.

add grains in lightroom

Add A Fade
To complete the look of film, use the Curve feature to give your photos a faded appearance. Select the Light button, then choose Curve. Now, Simply, raise the two bottom end points of your Curve to a desired amount. This will make your photos appear more faded.

make photos look faded in lightroom app

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