25 Best Lightroom Presets In 2022

best lightroom presets

Lightroom's ability to completely transform photos via presets (filters) is second to none. It's a powerful tool that can significantly improve the look of your images and make them look like they were taken by professional photographers. The problem is that it can be difficult to find the right presets that suit your style, aesthetic and brand.

We put together a list of 25 of the best Lightroom presets that will take your photos to the next level, transforming ordinary images into works of art. These are tried and tested on thousands of photos, and used daily by photographers and content creators worldwide.

1. Influencer Style Lightroom Preset Pack

The Influencer Style Lightroom Preset Pack will help you create beautiful everyday Instagram- worthy images in seconds. Use these presets to add feminine tones, warmness, and a soft ethereal look to your photos. They are perfect for bloggers and influencers to quickly create a dreamy Instagram feed or photos.


2. Light & Airy Lightroom Preset Pack

The Pretty Light & Airy Presets Collection make your photos look natural, and the result image looks soft and beautiful. These flexible and easy to use presets will make every image bright, colorful, and soft. The Light & Airy presets are perfect for content creators and fashion photographers. If you love soft natural colors, creamy skin tones, and bright images then you'll love these! Our beautiful, soft, dreamy presets will make your images pop with bright natural colors, creamy warm skin tones, and excellent lighting.


3. Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

If you're a content creator, you know that editing tools can be hugely important. If you want to stand out in the saturated marketplace, it's time to take your photos to the next level. The Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset is your new secret weapon: with just one click, it will turn your photos into crisp and gorgeous light-blush toned beauties with hints of warm gold radiance.


4. Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset

This bold Lightroom preset will help you create stunning, vibrant travel photos that are sure to entice and excite your social media followers. The Malibu Blue Lightroom preset will give your photos lots of pop and a cool blue tone, making them truly stand out.


5. Dreamy White Lightroom Preset

The Dreamy White Lightroom Preset brightens the light tones in your photograph, yielding a luminously clean look. Use it to refine and balance your photos. This beautiful Lightroom preset will give your photos a beautifully striking finish.


6. Dreamy Boutiques Lightroom Preset Pack

What better way to elevate your boutique brand and WOW your potential customers than to make your product photos look like they belong in a magazine? That's exactly what the Dreamy Boutique Lightroom Presets do - they help you take your product and boutique photos to the next level. You'll love how easy it is to use them, and your customers will love the way your photos look.


7. Dreamy Interiors Lightroom Preset Pack

The Dreamy Interiors Lightroom Presets pack is true game changer for your home and interior photos! This Lightroom preset pack is perfect for creating stunning, light-filled home decor photos. Wow your audience with this easy-to-use pack.


8. Dreamy Magical Lightroom Preset Pack

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your Instagram feed is a full-length novel. Create visually captivating, Disney-inspired photos with the Dreamy Magical Lightroom Preset Pack. This pack is full of dreamy, magical presets that will make any photo look like something out of a dreamy fairytale. Your pastel-loving heart will be so happy!


9. Emerald Lightroom Preset

Inspired by tropical adventures, The Emerald Lightroom preset creates rich, warm tones and soft, lush greens. It's perfect for enhancing tan skin and taking your vacation photos to the next level. It's the perfect travel Lightroom presets for tropics-loving photographers and content creators.


10. Havana Lightroom Preset

Create a sense of warmth and comfort to your photos with bold, rich colors that emanate island vibes with the Havana Lightroom Preset. This travel Lightroom preset will add take your vacation photos to the next level and transport them to a tropical paradise feel. Get the looks of professional photographers with just a few clicks.


11. Holiday Lightroom Preset Pack

Your Instagram feed will sparkle, glimmer and shine this holiday season with the limited-edition Holiday Lightroom Preset Pack. Designed by a professional photographer who's also a holiday lover at heart, this collection of 5 unique, joyful and festive Lightroom Presets will elevate your photos to create the perfect holiday Instagram feed.


12. Influencer Travel Lightroom Preset Pack

The Influencer Travel Lightroom Presets make it easy to create stunning travel & vacation photos. They're extremely versatile and transform any photo into stunning travel shots. Created with top content creators and travel photographers in mind, these presets make a great addition to any travel blogger's arsenal or any travel photographers workflow.


13. Lush Amber Lightroom Preset

This preset is great for fall photos! Makes your photos vibrant and crisp, while maintaining warmth and reminding you of the cozy season we all love!


14. Marigold Lightroom Preset

The Marigold Lightroom Preset makes the most of autumn colors to the fullest. Whether you're photographing the fall colors or looking for that vibrant look, this preset has you covered.


15. Pink Peony Lightroom Preset

The Pink Peony Lightroom Preset will help you create beautiful, bright, low-contrast, light-colored photos with hint of warm pink. This preset can be used on any photo and is perfect for the online retailer who wants to keep the focus on their product, and showcase it in a soft, warm, pastel-like way.


16. Rose Gold Lightroom Preset

Transform your raw shots into striking rose-gold tone images that's belongs in a magazine with the Rose Gold Lightroom Preset. Use this preset to create a captivatingly moody, muted tone for your photos. It works on all types of photos if you love that desaturated, minimalist look.


17. Soft Peach Lightroom Preset

Give your photos a moody & vintage look with photos a warm touch soft peach tone with this cinematic Lightroom preset.


18. Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack

The Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack is a thoughtful bundle of gorgeous presets for your everyday, in-real-life photos + lifestyle photos. These presets make everyday photos look like they came from an expensive photo shoot. Take ordinary snapshots and make them extraordinary in just a click. See what they can do for you!


19. Honey Lightroom Preset

The Honey Mobile Lightroom Preset makes your skin look like you've just spent a week in the Caribbean, with rich tones and that perfect summery glow. Get this preset, and you'll be on your way to gorgeous, summery photos in no time.


20. Lilac Lightroom Preset

The Lilac Lightroom Preset creates a soft, ethereal lavender tone, perfect for any type of photo for both indoor or outdoor. It's the go-to light & airy preset for many content creators and photographers.


21. Pink Sapphire Preset For Mobile

With this preset, you can feel free to take risks and experiment with vibrant colors. The Pink Sapphire Lightroom preset doesn't just enhance the color, it also adds warmth, light, and contrast to your images. This preset will give your photos a magical & colorful look you've always dreamed of.


22. Pure Lightroom Preset

The Pure Lightroom Preset Preset is as versatile as it's unique, designed to beautifully enhance the true colors in your photos with a clean, high-contrast finish, giving your photograph a natural, vibrant feel. It is amazing outside and inside lighting.


23. Sea Foam Preset For Mobile

The Sea Foam Lightroom Preset is a dreamy combination of light, soft pastel green and subtle warm tones. Whether you're capturing poolside paradise or your your favorite coastline, the colors produces by this preset add a perfect, beachy touch to your photos.


24. Cashmere Lightroom Preset

A creamy, soft, green-meets-cool tone preset that you can use with portraits, lifestyle, travels, and more. The Cashmere Lightroom Preset gives a creamy feel to the photo with a soft hint of powder green. This preset are perfect for those moments when you want a fresh and soft tone to your photos.


25. Celestial Grey Lightroom Preset

The Celestial Lightroom Preset makes it quick and easy to add a moody, minimal tone to your images. A bold mix of darkness and desaturated color, the Celestial Grey Lightroom Preset is ideal for minimalist bloggers and photographers.