6 Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Christmas Lightroom Presets

Looking for the best Christmas Lightroom presets to use for your holiday pics? We have you covered whether you prefer a single preset or a variety pack! This year, transform your holiday photos to a magical palette brushed with festive, vibrant colors using these 6 stunning, easy-to-use Christmas Lightroom presets.

1. Holiday Lightroom Preset Pack

Your Instagram feed will sparkle, glimmer and shine this holiday season with the limited-edition Holiday Lightroom Preset Pack. Designed by a professional photographer who's also a holiday lover at heart, this collection of 5 unique, joyful and festive Lightroom Presets will elevate your photos to create the perfect holiday Instagram feed.

2. Glisten Lightroom Preset

Brighten your holiday photos with the versatile Glisten Lightroom Preset. Crafted for content creators and photographers, The Glisten Lightroom Preset will give your photos a beautiful holiday look that is warm, soft and elegant. This preset will make you look like you've spent hours in post-processing, without you having to lift a finger.

3. Chestnut Lightroom Preset

Make your next holiday photos shine with the Chestnut Lightroom Preset. This preset can take your holiday photos from good to great with a touch of warmth and a hint of elegance. Get the professional look with just one click.

4. Peppermint Lightroom Preset

This Peppermint Lightroom Preset makes your holiday photos look vibrant and festive, so you don't have to waste time edit for hours to get that vibrant holiday look.

5. Snow Lightroom Preset

Make your pictures look like a winter wonderland with the Snow Lightroom Preset. The Snow preset allows you to create beautiful, bright and colorful winter holiday photos.

6. Mistletoe Lightroom Preset

This preset is one of the best ways to turn a dull photo into a bright, lively and beautifully enhanced holiday memory. As seen in the examples, the Mistletoe Lightroom preset is perfect for everything from family photos to adorable selfies. This preset is no joke and will quickly become the icing the on top of your digital holiday memories.