7 Perfect Fall Lightroom Presets

fall lightroom presets

Fall is here! And that means leaves, pumpkins, and the chilly season. Appreciate this season by editing your photos with these ten stunning fall Lightroom presets that will add a touch of fall vibe to even your most mundane images. Whether you're looking bring out the beauty of fall foliage or a create the perfect mood for your pumpkin spice coffee shot, these 8 gorgeous fall Lightroom presets will help you create professional, captivating photos that set the perfect fall mood and vibe in every photo.

1. Dreamy Autumn Lightroom Preset Pack

The easiest way to create gorgeous fall photos is to use Dreamy Fall Lightroom Preset Pack. This fall Lightroom preset pack has everything you need to enhance every aspect of your autumn photos. From color tone and lighting, to effects and textures, these trendy presets will make your photos uniquely yours while adding a fall touch.


2. Butterscotch Lightroom Preset

Use the Butterscotch Lightroom Preset to add depth, warmth, and glamour to your photos. It's the perfect fall Lightroom preset that creates an earthy, warm brown tone to your photos.


3. Lush Amber Lightroom Preset

The Lush Amber Lightroom Preset brightens your fall photos, giving them a warm, luminous glow. It's the perfect tool to transform dark and dreary raw shots into gorgeous images.

4. Marigold Lightroom Preset

The Marigold Lightroom Preset makes the most of autumn colors to the fullest. Whether you're photographing the fall colors or looking for that vibrant look, this preset has you covered.


5. Soft Peach Lightroom Preset

This fall, add a nostalgic and romantic touch to your photos with a peach-like glow. The Soft Peach Lightroom preset is the perfect blend of soft and moody. It warms your image and decreases the contrast between bright and dark. Use this fall Lightroom preset to create a cozy, vintage look that's perfect for fall mood.


6. Rosewood Lightroom Preset

The Rosewood Lightroom preset is fall in a box. This preset creates soft, faded fall colors with a hint of light pink. Bring autumn to life in your photos with this stunning fall Lightroom preset.


7. Rose Gold Lightroom Preset

This fall, transform your raw shots into magazine-worthy rose-gold tone images with the Rose Gold Lightroom preset. This stunning fall Lightroom preset will turn your regular photos into captivatingly minimal color photos that belong in a magazine.