How To Apply Lightroom Presets To Videos

how to apply lightroom presets to videos



One of our favorite hidden features in Lightroom desktop software is the ability to apply presets to videos clips. This enables you to perfectly match your video aesthetics to that of your photos without much effort. In fact, many of our preset demo videos were initially edited for color grading in Lightroom before the final versions were produced in video editing software such as iMovie & Final Cut Pro. Here's how to apply our presets to your video clips, and it's super easy and quick! You can watch the video tutorial or read the instructions below.

STEP 1. Import your video clips the same way you import your photos into Lightroom.

how to edit videos in lightroom

STEP 2. From the preview panel (at the bottom of the window), click on the thumbnail to see the full video.

how to edit videos in lightroom

STEP 3. From the Library tab, open the Quick Develop panel (far right), pull down the Saved Preset menu, and find your Lightroom presets which you've already installed into Lightroom. 

how to edit videos in lightroom

  millennial pink presets

STEP 4. Select a preset from the list and voila! Now you just export this video the same way you export your photos in Lightroom. 

how to edit videos in lightroom


- You can further edit the video clips with the basic editing settings available in the Quick Develop panel. These include exposure, contrast, white, black, and vibrancy, etc. 

- To apply the same presets to multiple video clips, first select all the video clips you want, then turn on Auto-Sync (under the Metadata panel on the far right), and then select a preset from the Saved Preset menu.