Create A Watermark In Lightroom Mobile App

A watermark is a superimposed logo or text placed over a photograph that is a method of identifying the image's creator. If you've always wanted to add a watermark to your photo in Lightroom app, follow the easy steps below to add one.

1. Define & Format Your Watermark

Click on the Setting icon (gear icon, top right) and choose Watermarking. By default, your First and Last name make up your watermark. You can change this any name you prefer. Once you've defined your watermark, you can position its location on the image and format how it looks. 

how to add a watermark

2. Apply Your Watermark

On any photo in the Lightroom app, simply click on the Share icon, choose Export As and select JPG, choose More Options, and then turn Include Watermark option. Now click the Back icon and click the Check icon. You're now ready to export to your photo with the watermark. 

how to add a watermark in lightroom mobile app

how to add a watermark in lightroom mobile app