An Easy Guide To Customizing Our Preset Collections

customize lightroom presets


All of Dreamy Presets Collections come with our signature, all-inclusive tonal or mood presets (filters) that are designed to give your photos an instant makeover with a click of a button. They are "all-inclusive" because each of the presets in these two groups had been carefully crafted to create a unique aesthetic in color, depth, and style. We encourage all our customers to start the editing process by using one of the presets from these groups. You can further enhance the aesthetic of the photo by using our other complimentary presets in the collections. In rare instances where you need additional customization, here’s how to go about it, and it's really easy. All the settings you need are in the far right panel in Lightroom, as highlighted in the pink box above. Let’s get started:


Photo Looks Too Bright or Dark

  • Basic Pane: Adjust the Exposure settings first, then try White & Black setting if needed.


Photo Looks Too Warm or Cool

  • Basic Pane: Adjust the Temperature & Tint settings. If too yellow, move the ticker towards the blue range. If too purple, move the ticker towards the green range.


Loss of Color

  • HSL / Color / B&W Pane: Select the color swatch that currently looks too desaturated in the photo, and then increase its Saturation setting.


Photo Looks Too Sharp or Blurry

  • Detail Pane: If your photos look too sharp or blurry, the first thing to do is adjust the Sharpening level. If you’re using low-resolution photos, keep the setting less than 10. 
  • Basic Pane: Some of "all-inclusive" presets has Clarity level defined to enhance the details and make the photo pop. If this effect looks too strong on your photo, lower the Clarity setting.


Add Instant Light

  • Want natural looking lights without illuminating the entire photo? Use our Light Source Presets included in all preset collections. These provide angled gradual sunlight for a more natural look.

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