How To Download Mobile Lightroom Presets To Your iPhone

All mobile Lightroom presets purchased from our website Dreamy Presets are delivered in a zip file. This tutorial will show you how to download the zip file to your iPhone and import the mobile presets to Lightroom mobile app.

Please make sure that the following apps are installed on your iPhone before downloading the zip file: Files app & Lightroom Mobile app. Both are free to download from the App Store.

Remember, you'll only need to import the mobile Lightroom presets once. After you've imported and set up as per our instructions, using the presets will take just a few seconds every time!

Watch the video below or scroll down for written instructions.


  1. Open your email app, and click on the Download Link from the email we sent you
  2. Tap on the Download Button & choose to open in Safari browser
  3. Tap on “More..” or the Share Icon (bottom panel), both will work
  4. Tap “Save To Files”
  5. Tap Save to “Downloads” folder
  6. Open your Files app. All iPhones have this app pre-installed by default.
  7. Navigate to your “Downloads” folder and locate the Zip File you just downloaded. It will be at bottom of the list. All of our zip file names have the letters "DP" at the beginning.
  8. Tap on the Zip File to open it. You should see a folder by the same name as the zip file, click into it.
  9. Open the folder "Mobile Presets" and locate your mobile preset file(s), which are DNG file(s).
  10. Tap on the mobile preset file, and then scroll right and tap on the Lightroom icon to import it.

    Please note, if you don’t see the Lightroom icon, you will need to select “Save as Image” option instead, and then manually import this file into the Lightroom app as you would with any image. "Save as Image" will save the preset file into your Camera roll and it will look like a blank image in the Camera roll (which is completely OK).
  11. Choose "Launch Lightroom Now".
  12. Locate our mobile preset file(s) in "All Photos" album in the Lightroom app.
  13. Tap on any one our mobile preset and tap on on top right icon "...", and then choose "Create Preset".
  14. Provide the preset a "Name" and select the appropriate "Folder" for it. You  can create a new preset folder called "Dreamy Presets" if you like. Once done, tap on the check mark icon to save it. You will need to do this for every mobile preset file included in your purchase just once
  15. To use the preset, go any photo you want to edit in Lightroom app, tap on the Preset tab (bottom of the screen), and then tap on a preset from the Preset list.

That's it!  You're done!