How To Install Custom Presets in All-New Lightroom CC

how to install presets in all-new lightroom cc

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is NOT for installing our mobile preset to your phone. If you purchased a mobile preset pack from us, please refer to the installation PDF guide included in your download zip file.

Welcome friends! This tutorial is only applicable to All-New Lightroom CC, which is the newest version of Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom. Because the user interface is completely different from its predecessors (Classic Lightroom CC and Lightroom 5-6), we’ve created new installation instructions. But you can still find instructions for older versions by checking out this post.


In addition to the user interface changes of All-New Lightroom CC, you can no longer save and import custom brushes. If you’ve purchased our preset collections that include brushes, please note that they will only work with Classic Lightroom CC + Lightroom 5-6, as stated in our product descriptions.


Prerequisite: Please extract the zip file you downloaded, and then copy the entire preset folder from within the main folder. If you’re using a Mac or PC, you can extract the zip file by simply double-clicking on it.  


 Alrighty, let's dive in!


Part 1: How To Install Lightroom Presets
  1. Click on the Preset panel at the bottom of the screen how to install Lightroom Presets CC
  2. Select "Open Presets Folder" how to install Lightroom Presets CC
  3. Paste our preset folder in the Develop Presets folder how to install Lightroom Presets CC
  4. Close the window and you're all done! Your presets should now appear inside the Presets Panel. how to install Lightroom Presets CC  


Questions You May Have (FAQs)

  1. Where are my Lightroom presets? When you click on the download link, the .zip file is automatically downloaded to your computer’s default “Download” folder. Please navigate to that folder to locate the file. All of our preset collection files have the following naming convention “DP .zip”.
  2. Why should I copy the preset folder instead of the .LRTemplate files? This is purely for organizational purposes. By copying and pasting the entire preset folder, all of your presets for that collection will be organized in the Preset panel. This makes them easier for you to reference and use, but you may opt to paste the .LRTemplate files if you prefer.
  3. How come I don’t see my presets after I have installed them? Make sure you restart Lightroom after you have installed the presets. Your presets should show up under the Preset panel. If you still don’t see them, check to make sure your presets are in the “Develop Presets Folder”, as they will not show up if you place them in another folder.
  4. Can I layer the presets? Yes, most of the presets in our collections can be layered. The only exceptions are the Mood and Tone presets, which will override each other because they utilize similar settings (but with different values) to create a unique color profile.
  5. Can I install Lightroom presets in the mobile app? Unless your purchase our mobile presets, our desktop presets can only be installed in Lightroom desktop versions.

Part 2: How To Use & Customize Our Presets
Because every photo has a unique color profile (lighting, color, contrast, etc.), the effect of the presets will be slightly different for each. This guide will help you to customize the presets so that they work perfectly for every photo.
  1. Start with a mood filter or tone preset
    We recommend that you always start with one of the Mood filters OR Tone presets (depending on your collection) to set the color and style of your photo. You can then layer with other presets (Spotlight, Sharpen, Light Source, Skin Soften, Vibrancy) to refine the look. If your photos are already warm or cool to begin with, you can select the Neutral or opposite tone to counteract this.
  2. Photos too dark or bright?
    If the presets applied look too light or dark, you can use the lighter version of that preset (marked ‘+’ or ‘++’). You can also manually adjust the Exposure setting in the Basic Module on the right-hand panel.
  3. Photos Too Yellow or Blue?
    If the presets appear too yellow or blue, you can adjust the Temp Setting (Treatment panel) to correct the white balance under the Basic Module.
  4. How can I add more depth?
    To add more depth to your photos, increase the Contrast or increase the Black levels in your photos. These two settings are under the Basic section of the left-hand panel.
  5. Photo too sharp?
    GGo to the Sharpening panel and under Amount, move the slider to the left until you reach the desired result. You may also need to reduce the amount of Clarity in the Presence panel.

Need editing inspiration? Check out our Customer Photo Gallery and see photos edited by our customers using our Lightroom presets collections.