5 Lightroom Mobile Editing Tricks You Should Know

how to edit in Lightroom mobile app


The Lightroom mobile app is chock-full of features, but do you know which ones to use that could make the BIGGEST difference in your photo editing? We're showing our top, most common tricks to get the best results for your photos. And we're breaking down which features we use!

While the examples below were done in Lightroom mobile app, the same concepts can be applied to Lightroom CC computer software. 

1. Does your photo look washed out or dark?
Adjusting the Exposure setting will help add more or reduce the amount of lights in your photos.

how to edit in Lightroom

2. Does your photos look too warm or cold?
Adjusting the White Balance setting will either less or remove the yellow or blue tinge in your photos. 

how to edit in lightroom

3. Does your photo have a color tint?
The appearance of a color tint are generally (not always) created using Split Tone settings. You can lessen this effect by adjusting the Split Tone settings.

how to edit in Lightroom

3. Does your skin tone look washed out or burnt? Fix this by adjusting the Orange color Saturation and Luminance settings

how to edit in Lightroom

4. Does your photo look overly sharp?
If your photos are low-resolution, and the preset sharpens it, it can appear overly sharp. You can reduce this overly-sharp appearance by adjusting the Sharpening setting.

how to edit in Lightroom