How To Throw A Fabulous Galentine's Party On A Budget!

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 galentine's day

Cue the candy hearts, the red polka dots, and some killer heels because February is officially the month of love! But whether you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated.. this year we challenge you to share the other half of your heart with someone other than Mr. Right or Mr. Not Right Now.. your best girlfriends!

These are the ladies who have stood by your side through heartbreak, chocolate martinis, and your favorite Netflix obsessions. So why not spend a day celebrating these amazing friendships and all the love you have for your #squad?

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how to throw a galentine's day party

This is the very thing that we did! We decided to get together with our best blogger friends to host the ultimate Galentine’s Day Party. We chose the gorgeous Mission Loft SF; perfect for their amazing views and homey vibes, and spent an afternoon sharing our favorite stories, cocktails, and laughs.

how to throw a galentine's day party

We promise you that throwing an epic party doesn’t have to cost a million bucks.. but you can definitely fool the ‘gram with these tips and tricks. Turn up your favorite boy band hit because we’re about to make this your best Valentine…we mean Galentine’s Day yet!


First.. decide on where this party will go down. You can host an intimate little gathering at your home, or you can even have your group of friends chip in and rent a space or venue for a few hours, like we did with our party. Plus, this option saves you the worry of having to clean beforehand.. which if you haven’t been Marie Kondo’d yet.. is definitely a perk.

Find your ideal location and then work with the venue on approved decorations. Making it feel like your own little spot will add a special vibe to your party. Decide if you want to go for fancy.. with lots of glamour and glitz, or more cozy like a pajama party complete with adorable matching PJs and the perfect facial masks. It’s your party, your rules! Since ours took place during the day, we opted for more of a Girl’s Brunch, complete with our favorite; mimosas!


Once you’ve decided on your theme, it’s time to decorate! But don’t let the thought of having to dress up your space worry you. Target, Home Goods, and the Dollar Store are all amazing spots to find the most perfect little decorations without breaking the bank. (And come on, we all know how much you love hitting that dollar spot at Target!)

how to throw a galentine's day party

We found the most adorable Valentine’s themed garland; pink and red hearts, and all the gold glitter a girl could ask for. Complete with a bakeware set, confetti for the table, heart-shaped candy dishes, and signage to hang as our guests arrived. Each item was $3 or less, ladies. Talk about a major steal.

Creating the perfect centerpiece doesn’t have to feel intimidating. We found the prettiest pink table runner at Home Goods, and then red and pink sparkly heart confetti at the Dollar Tree to sprinkle on the table.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, or even throw in a DIY project. From personalized name cards, to heart shaped candles and balloons; you could even find some fun little props and make your own selfie station, like the ones we found at Home Goods (who wouldn’t love that?!)

 galentine's day party

Most Importantly.. the Food!

Have everyone decide on a dish and a drink that they’ll be bringing to the event, and don’t even worry about hiring a caterer! Settle on your theme and go all out. Even if you end up drinking nothing but pink champagne and eating heart-shaped cupcakes, you’ll be doing it in amazing company. Make it fun and have everyone decide on what they think the most romantic food is - and have them bring that! Or have everyone make their favorite dish from their childhood. Either way, you’ll get to hear some great stories and share a new tradition with amazing friends.

how to throw a galentine's day party

Photo Booth

Create a space at your event dedicated to taking the perfect selfie for social media. Complete with gold banners, and as many pink and red balloons that will fit. You can probably find some big red plastic lips, cute sunglasses, and more at that dollar spot at Target, or even a photo prop kit like the one we snagged at Home Goods. Don’t be afraid to get silly, and take photos that will help you remember an amazingly fun night for years to come.

how to throw a galentine's day party


Another option if you’re an influencer is to reach out to local small businesses and discuss possible collaborations. This would be a great opportunity to build relationships with local vendors to promote their services. You may be able to find some amazing options for food and decorations for your party, and negotiate a deal for sharing on social media.

Other options would be reaching out to local florists for beautiful arrangements for your dinner table, bakeries for those sweets we’ll all be drooling over, and local photographers to come and take pictures during the event.

Wanting to go with something more relaxing? See if there’s a local spa who would be willing to work a deal for massages, facials, or even someone to come and do makeovers. There are seriously so many options here, and all you have to do is ask. It’s a great way to work with local businesses you love and may even open up doors for future collaborations.

Whatever you decide to do, do it with heart. Throwing a killer bash with your closest friends should be nothing but fun. Don’t stress about having to make everything perfect, or about spending a lot of money. Concentrate instead on all the laughs you’ll be sharing and the memories you'll be making.

Photography by Dreamy Presets
Photos edited with the Millennial Pink Mobile Preset, from the INFLUENCER STYLE PRESET PACK.