15 Best iPhone Lightroom Presets

iphone lightroom presets

Have you been looking for great mobile-ready iPhone Lightroom Presets? We've got you covered! Creating gorgeous photos with a consistent theme is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram following organically. In this post, we're sharing the 15 most popular iPhone Lightroom presets that will transform your ordinary mobile photos into stunning images that you'll love to share.

You don't need expensive, fancy equipment to get professional-looking photos. In fact, the right Lightroom presets can help you achieve pro-level results without the professional photographer price tag. These mobile Lightroom presets can be easily installed on your iPhone with just a few clicks. Whether you're attracted to feminine aesthetics or bright & color or bold & dramatic ones, there is a preset to fit your style.

Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset


Light & Airy Lightroom Preset Pack


Influencer Style Lightroom Preset Pack


Honey Lightroom Preset


Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset


Dreamy Magical Lightroom Preset Pack


Dreamy White Lightroom Preset


Emerald Lightroom Preset


Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack


Pink Peony Lightroom Preset


Pink Sapphire Lightroom Preset


Pure Lightroom Preset


Rose Gold Lightroom Preset


Dreamy Interiors Lightroom Preset Pack


Dreamy Boutiques Lightroom Preset Pack