7 Best Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

light & airy presets

Do your photos lack the light, airy quality that you see in your favorite photographers' or content creators' Instagram feeds? Do you love light-filled images that look dreamy and naturally bright? With a plethora of light and airy presets on the market, choosing the right preset to help you recreate this look can be tricky and time-consuming. In this post, we're sharing our 7 favorite light & airy presets that will help you easily create this magical editing style you've always dreamed of.

1. Pretty Light & Airy Lightroom Preset Pack

The Pretty Light & Airy Preset Pack is designed to give your photos a dreamy, soft effect. They are great for bloggers who want to achieve an ethereal mood for their blog or for photographers who want to create beautiful images that will stand the test of time.
By using these Light & Airy Presets, you can be able to take any photo and make it look like it's straight out of a magazine. These presets will help you enhance your photos with soft colors and clean edits.

2. Lilac Lightroom Preset

The Lilac Lightroom Preset creates beautiful light & airy with a hint of soft lavender. Perfect any type of photos, indoor or outdoor.

3. Pink Peony Lightroom Preset

The Pink Peony Lightroom Preset is a dreamy, soft, light-colored, pink preset that will give your photos a pastel look. It is perfect for spring photos.

4. Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack

What if we told you that you could enhance your photos and save time with just one click? Sounds like the ultimate time saver, right? The Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack allows you to achieve gorgeous and vibrant results in just one click. We’ve created a premium preset pack that’s perfect for lifestyle, fashion and portrait photography.

5. Dreamy White Lightroom Preset

The Dreamy White Lightroom Preset is designed to make neutral images pop with beautiful bright whites. It enhances the white tones of your photos, making them brighter and more radiant. The perfect solution for those who love clean, white tones, this preset are a must-have for anyone shooting interior design and home decors.

6. Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

Take your phone shots to a whole new level with The Millennial Lightroom Preset. Created for fashion influencers mind who love feminine aesthetics, this creates gorgeous light-blush toned photos with hints of warm gold radiance. This is the perfect preset if you love muted, soft colors with a subtle vintage vibe.

7. Cashmere Lightroom Preset

The Cashmere Lightroom Preset is a light, airy and feminine preset for editing your photos. The preset is perfect for those who want a soft hint of powder green with their photos. The preset also produces a natural, earthy-tone aesthetic that's perfect for boho vibes or any types of photos.