Manipulate Colors In Lightroom Mobile App

If we had to choose one tools you should master in Lightroom mobile app, it would be the Color Tab. This is where the magic happens when it comes to creating a color and tone for your photos. Most of the adjustments you will need to do will involve using the features in this tab.

Global Color Adjustments
To control the overall tone of your photos, adjust the Temperature setting. To control the overall saturation of your photos, adjust the Vibrance & Saturation settings.  adjust colors globally in lightroom mobile app

Local Color Adjustments
If you want to control how a specific color looks in a photo, you will need to adjust that color specific characteristics including its Saturation, Hue and Luminance. Luminance controls how bright or dark your color is.

There are 8 colors to adjust –– Red, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Purple, Blue, Green, Aqua. To access these colors, click on the Color tab, then select the Color Mix icon.

adjust colors locally in lightroom app

Using a combination of the features above, you can create a highly unique color profile as well making minor adjustments that can have a big difference to your photos.