Organize Your Photos & Presets In Lightroom Mobile App

If you have a lot of pictures and mobile presets in your Lightroom app, then this organization tip is for you! In the mobile Lightroom app, you can create Albums which you can then assign your photos and presets, making your editing process much more organized and streamlined. If you many albums, you can also create Folders and assign your albums to them.

The steps to creating a folder or album are the same. In this tutorial, we will use Album to organize both photos and preset.

Create an Album
From the Lightroom all Library screen, click on the + icon under the Album section. Next, choose between Create Album, and then name your Album.

create an album in lightroom mobile app

Add Photos & Presets to an Album
To add photos or presets to your album, from the Library screen, hold down the first image you want to add to activate the multi-selection feature, then click as many photos or presets you want to add. Then, click on the Add To button and select the Album you want to add the photos. That's it! 

add photos to an album in lightroom mobile app