10 Best Portrait Lightroom Presets

Portrait Lightroom Presets

Are you portrait photographers struggling to create a signature aesthetic for your portfolio? If your photos don’t have that certain vibe, look, or feel, or if you want something more natural, these portrait Lightroom presets will come to the rescue! Use them to make your portrait photos pop and your subject glow with a beautiful & natural complexion.

1. Light & Airy Lightroom Preset Pack

If you want your portrait photos to have a polished, delicate look, then you should try the Pretty Light & Airy Preset Pack. These presets come with a range of soft tones and natural colors, and they're also suitable for a variety of different types of portraits.



2. Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset Pack

The Everyday Luxe Lightroom Preset pack is a bundle of high-quality presets that are specially designed for your everyday, portrait photos. They help you instantly bring out the best in your snapshots. You'll create bright, clean, gorgeous images with just one click.



3. Lilac Lightroom Preset

The Lilac Lightroom preset creates a soft and ethereal look for your photos. The Lilac preset adds a gorgeous tone to your portrait shots. It makes your subject's face look luminous and beautiful.



4. Pink Sapphire Lightroom Preset

Portrait photographers who love colors will have fun using this preset! This preset is not just for color enhancement. It also adds warmth, light, and contrast to your images. This is a magical and colorful preset that will bring dreams to life!



5. Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

The Millennial Lightroom Preset is for portrait photographers who love feminine aesthetics. It creates gorgeous photos with hints of warm gold radiance. This is the perfect portrait preset if you love muted, soft colors with a subtle vintage vibe.



6. Dreamy White Lightroom Preset

The Dreamy White Lightroom Preset is designed to make neutral images pop with beautiful bright whites. It enhances the white tones of your photos, making them brighter and more radiant. The perfect solution for those who love clean, white tones, this preset are a must-have for portrait photographers shooting indoor settings.



7. Pure Lightroom Preset

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but those words can be lackluster if your colors are dull and grainy. The Pure Lightroom Preset to give your photos the color pop and clarity they deserve. It's designed to beautifully enhance the true colors in your photos with a clean, bright and high-contrast finish.



8. Cashmere Lightroom Preset

The Cashmere Lightroom Preset is a light, airy and feminine preset. The preset is perfect for those who want a soft hint of powder green with their photos. The preset also produces a natural, earthy-tone aesthetic that's perfect for portrait boho vibes.



9. Sea Foam Lightroom Preset

This preset is a dreamy combination of light and soft pastel green. It's a perfect tool for creating light and airy portrait photos that your clients will love.



10. Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset

Bold and vibrant are just a few words to describe the Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset. It provides a cooling effect that adds a subtle amount of sharpness and contrast, as well as a blue tone to your images.