5 Best Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets

For our lovers of the pink aesthetics, these Mobile Lightroom Presets are made for you! From pastel to bright pink, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best five Mobile Lightroom Presets that will make your Instagram pink dream come true!


Millennial Pink Preset
The Millennial Pink Mobile Lightroom Preset is a fan favorite and for good reasons too! This preset creates a muted soft warm pink tone that’s an instant classic.

Who doesn’t love a little rose gold? With the Champagne Mobile Lightroom Preset you get the best of both worlds! You lovely golden tones and soft pink hues. This preset uses a low contrast giving images a nice softer touch.

Dusty Rose
The Dusty Rose Mobile Lightroom Preset creates the perfect minimalist pink tone with a bit of an edge & sophistication.

Denim Blush
The Denim Blush Mobile Lightroom Preset is bright warm pink tone. If you’re looking for an ultra-feminine, light & airy pink aesthetic, this preset is for you.

Cherry Blossom
Experience the bright, warm tone of the Cherry Mobile Lightroom Preset with soft hints of light lavender.

Better yet why not own them all? Check out our Influencer Style Mobile Lightroom Pack to own all of these pretty in pink presets! The influencer style pack has the right balance of warm and blush pink hues that will totally transform your Instagram feed. After all, you can never go wrong with a little pink!