The Best Travel Lightroom Presets

best travel lightroom presets

Give your travel photos the professional look you’ve always wanted. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make your vacation photos absolutely gorgeous. These 10 travel Lightroom presets will transform your sunset snaps in an instant using only your smart phone with the Lightroom mobile app. Master the art of taking stunning travel photos with amazing and easy-travel Lightroom presets. Experience the world in all its beauty and master the art of taking stunning travel photos with these easy-to-use presets.

1. Influencer Travel Lightroom Preset Pack

The Influencer Travel Lightroom Presets make it easy to create professional-looking, dreamy travel & vacation photos in one click. These presets are highly versatile and transform any photo into stunning travel shots. We created them with content creators and travel photographers in mind, but they work for anyone!

2. Emerald Lightroom Preset

The Emerald Mobile Lightroom Preset is the ultimate preset for all your travel photos, including enhancing tan skin tones for that perfect vacation pic. All your best Instagram travel pics will be easy to edit with this preset.

3. Havana Lightroom Preset

This one-click travel Lightroom preset will transform your photos for a rich, tropical look. It's the perfect way to create gorgeous island-inspired photos in seconds. Revel in the cayenne-hued sunset and the rose-tinted sunrise with this punchy Havana Lightroom Preset.

3. Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset

The Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset is a bold, vibrant preset adds a subtle cooling effect to all your images, providing a cool blue tone with a touch of sharpness and contrast. Pair with your favorite photos to create stunning images you're proud to showcase.

4. Honey Lightroom Preset

The Honey Lightroom Preset helps you create colorful and bright images while enhancing tan skin tones. Use the Honey Lightroom Preset on your photos from vacations, summer or fall photos, or indoor photos. Since there are various uses for this preset, the photographers that use this product will also have a variety of ways to use these presets to enhance their photos

5. Sea Foam Preset For Mobile

The Sea Foam Lightroom Preset creates vibrant, beautifully sun-kissed photos with a hint of soft, pastel green. The perfect beach Lightroom preset! Watch your favorite beach photos spill their beauty onto any image by applying the preset today!

6. Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

Create a stunning Instagram feed that rivals today's top's fashion influencer with the Millennial Pink Preset. This preset is perfect that highly sought-after, but hard to recreated creamy, light-blush tone to your photos. The preset adds a touch of warm gold radiance to each photo, giving it an airy, timeless feel.

7. Dreamy Summer Lightroom Preset Pack

Get the perfect summer time look without spending hours editing your photos with this collection of warm, vibrant Lightroom preset collection. The Dreamy Summer Lightroom Preset is the perfect tool to stylize your photos and give them that 'grammable, summer vibes look!