How To Batch Edit Photos With Lightroom Sync

how to batch edit photos in lightroom


Imagine the amount of time you'll save by simply clicking a button and have all your photos edited at once? This is completely achievable with Lightroom's Sync feature. Combining this feature our Lightroom presets as part of your workflow, and you could reduce your overall photo and video editing time to mere minutes. See the Sync feature in action in our Milan Preset demo video. 

Here's how to do it:

1. Import your photos into Lightroom (instructions here)

2. In the Develop panel, click on a photo you want to edit and apply one or more of our presets. 

lightroom sync

3. If you are using just one preset without any additional editing, simply hold down the keys CMD & A (to select all photos).

4. Turn on the Sync feature

lightroom sync feature

5. Click on the preset you use to apply on the first image and watch that preset being applied to every photo selected. Awesome!


Assuming you made extra edits in the first photo, if you want those edits to be applied to all the photos, simply create a temporary preset by clicking on the "+" sign in the Preset panel. This temporary preset should be saved in your User Preset folder. From there, follow steps 4 and 5 above. You can delete the temporary preset after you're done editing.

The Sync feature works best for photos that have the same lighting conditions, which is mostly the case if you're editing a set of photos you took recently.