Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset

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Create bold, vibrant images with hints of a cool blue tone across all your photos with the Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset. By default, this product comes with 1 Mobile Lightroom Preset. 

You can upgrade this product include a Desktop Lightroom Preset by selecting the "Desktop Upgrade" option in the VERSION field above for an additional $15. 

What is included:

  • For Mobile Only Version: 1 Mobile Preset
  • For Desktop Upgrade Version: 1 Mobile Preset, 1 Desktop Preset
  • Installation instructions

Compatibility: Our mobile presets (DNG file format) are only compatible with the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Our desktop presets (LrTemplate file format) are only compatible with the paid version of Lightroom 5-6 or Lightroom Creative Cloud computer software. 

Download Requirements: This product will be delivered in a zip file. Be sure to download the zip file to your computer first in order to open it, and follow our included instructions to install the preset file(s). For the mobile preset, instructions to transfer it from your computer to your mobile phone are also included. 

Terms: Single-user license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action.  All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided. 

Your results will vary based on the quality, lighting and color profiles of your original photos. You may need to make additional adjustments after applying our presets. Basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app and Lightroom desktop software is required.

Photography: Dreamy Presets

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katherine C.

The Malibu blue preset is PERFECT! All my photos look 1000% better and brighter with it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to create bright, crisp photos! @katsstylefile

Teresa G.

This is my all time favorite preset! I absolutely love the blue tones it brings out in my pictures. It’s perfect and makes my Instagram feed look amazing. @teresegigante_

Autumn P.

Ever since i chose to invest in the Malibu Blue dreamy preset, I’ve gotten SO many compliments on my feed, & questions about how i make my feed so gorgeous - I’m just sitting here like.. well... i slap on a filter & call it a day! Saves me so much time- & as an entrepreneur, that is a must! Also, totally obsessed with how much this filter brings out my blue eyes in my selfies. @autumn_parker23

Jennie E.

I love the Malibu Blue mobile preset! It is one of my favorites and I use it on a regular basis. I haven’t found any preset to compete! 🥰@clockoutstyle

Jessica C.

I love this preset!! It works well with all photos. I love using this one for family pictures. It gives off a blue vibe while keeping any pops of color. So beautiful. @jessielynncain

Francesca L.

I was struggling with creating a cohesive look for my page, and making my different content stand apart for each season. Dreamy Presets have truly been a game changer for me! Since I started using them, I’ve seen more growth on my page, more engagement from my followers, and had more brands reach out for collaborations! People are always commenting of messaging me saying they love how my photos are edited and I always tell them- it’s all thanks to Dreamy Presets! I know literally nothing about Lightroom, but they make the process so quick and easy that anyone can do it! I can’t recommend Dreamy Presets enough to anyone looking to take their page to the next level! @cescamarissa

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