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Formulated to help you create brilliant, natural, dreamy photos instantly! Get professional results in half the time without any editing experience. By default, this pack includes 5 Mobile Lightroom Presets based on a single tone –– Everyday Luxe Original, Brighter, Darker, Warmer, and Soft Mobile Presets.

You can upgrade this pack to include Desktop Lightroom Presets by selecting the "Desktop Upgrade" option in the VERSION field above for an additional $15. 

What is included:

  • For Mobile Only Version: 5 Mobile Presets
  • For Desktop Upgrade Version: 5 Mobile Presets, 5 Desktop Presets
  • Installation instructions

    Compatibility: Our mobile presets (DNG file format) are only compatible with the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Our desktop presets (LrTemplate file format) are only compatible with the paid version of Lightroom 5-6 or Lightroom Creative Cloud computer software. 

    Download Requirements: This product will be delivered in a zip file. Be sure to download the zip file to your computer first in order to open it, and follow our included instructions to install the preset files. For mobile presets, instructions to transfer them from your computer to your mobile phone are also included. 

    Terms: Single-user license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action.  All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided. 

    Your results will vary based on the quality, lighting and color profile of your original photos. You may need to make additional adjustments after applying our presets. Basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app and Lightroom desktop software is required.

    Photography: Dreamy Presets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Anna B.

    I am OBSESSED with the Everyday Luxe preset pack! I love how much it brightens the colors and gives a consistent look to my feed! I also have the Dreamy White and Malibu Blue presets, but Everyday Luxe has definitely been my favorite with how true it is to the original colors!

    Kalie V.

    I used the Everyday Luxe- Warmer preset on my picture that I took to brighten it up, and give it what it was missing without a preset on it. I love all of the Everyday Luxe presets because the are one click and done, no hassle with trying to tweak or adjust my photos! They give your pictures a custom look, by lightening up the photo, and not drastically change the color or temperature of the picture. HIGHLY recommend!

    Blakeley V.

    My absolute favorite presets EVER! I've purchased several from Dreamy Presets and love them all, but these have completely transformed my feed and turned my photos into everything I wanted and more. They keep the colors true and vibrant while keeping everything looking fresh and bright. I get so many questions about my presets, and I always look forward to editing because of them.

    Michelle N.

    Recently, I've been wanting to post more photos that look more natural but still look polished and fit my aesthetic - the Everyday Luxe is that preset! I have been using the preset for my recent photos and I can easily say it's my new go-to! This bundle comes with 5 presets, so you're able to test out which one looks best. It used to take me hours to edit one photo, but now I'm able to edit multiple pictures with just one click of a button! @_mngx

    Kristin G.

    The most versatile preset on the market. Everyday Luxe by Dreamy Presets is my favorite! You don’t have to be an expert to use their products. I use this preset more than any of them. This enhances the original colors in your photo. Take your photos to the next level with these presets. I’ve purchased 5 presets, and I have not had buyers remorse. They’re absolutely worth every penny. @thedarlinggarling

    Holly G.

    Lately this is all I use to edit my photos. It’s also so so easy to do through Lightroom! @blondedroots

    Mollie W.

    I’ve been using Dreamy Presets for a while now & will continue to use them because of how amazing they are! I first began using Millennial Pink which is great but then switched to Everyday Lux for a different aesthetic on my feed.. & oh my I’m OBSESSED. It’s a lot more natural, doesn’t mute out any colors and brightness just perfectly! They have such a great variety, there’s truly something for everyone. @itsmollybrooke


    Dreamy Presets has completely changed my Instagram game from drab to fab. I first used to use mPink for the pretty pink tones, and then moved to EverydayLuxe for a more natural, bright, look. I love the natural tones regardless of presets provided, and I truly think they are some of the prettiest presets I have seen around. @serenaajoyce


    I love how my feed looks with the Everyday Luxe presets. It allows me to keep my photos bright and fun without washing out or overbrightening some colors. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my feed since switching to this preset! @fit_sedation

    Sarah K.

    Literally obsessed with these presets! Brightens my pictures with one easy click and has completely transformed my feed! Love ❤️ @_everythingsarahkatherine_

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