Soft Peach Lightroom Preset

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Create film-like, muted warm-tone photos with the Soft Peach Lightroom Preset. By default, this product comes with 1 Mobile Lightroom Preset. 

You can upgrade this product include a Desktop Lightroom Preset by selecting the "Desktop Upgrade" option in the VERSION field above for an additional $15. 

What is included:

  • For Mobile Only Version: 1 Mobile Preset
  • For Desktop Upgrade Version: 1 Mobile Preset, 1 Desktop Preset
  • Installation instructions

Compatibility: Our mobile presets (DNG file format) are only compatible with the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Our desktop presets (LrTemplate file format) are only compatible with the paid version of Lightroom 5-6 or Lightroom Creative Cloud computer software. 

Download Requirements: This product will be delivered in a zip file. Be sure to download the zip file to your computer first in order to open it, and follow our included instructions to install the preset file(s). For the mobile preset, instructions to transfer it from your computer to your mobile phone are also included. 

Terms: Single-user license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action.  All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided. 

Your results will vary based on the quality, lighting and color profile of your original photos. You may need to make additional adjustments after applying our presets. Basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app and Lightroom desktop software is required.

Photography: Dreamy Presets

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hannah G.

the PERFECT fall preset!! gives just the right amount of fall moodiness while still enhancing warm tones and not making photos too dark!

Jenypher C.

Dreamy presets has made the editing process so easy for me! I love that I found a preset that compliments my skin tone! I’m always able to adjust the preset to my liking, too. I’ve used the same preset (Soft Peach) for over a year and it’s so hard for me to move on to something else because it’s just so good and makes my feed look so cohesive! I get so many questions about how I edit and I always direct them to Dreamy Presets. Worth every penny! @foreverjenypher

Catherine L.

I had been looking for presets for a while. Something to make my feed look cohesive... I had tried others and they just didn’t look right. I came across Dreamy Presets and I fell in love with the Soft Peach! I love the peachy tones coming through on my instagram and blog. Now editing is so easy! And my pictures look amazing! Thank you Dreamy Presets! @catherinelorene

Morganne L.

Ever since using the Soft Peach Preset, I have been so eager and excited to post! Using the Soft Peach Preset has heightened both of my photography and blog content. By giving each post a fresh and light feel, the Soft Peach Preset has taken my photos form dull to vibrant! I was nervous at first to invest and educate myself in working with the presents feature, boy was I mistaken! The mobile and desktop version are so easy to navigate through and use! I’m so glad I invested and continue to love and use my Soft Peach Preset! @morgannelavigne

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