About Our Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are photo filter files designed to be installed and used in the Adobe Lightroom computer software or mobile app. All presets sold on DreamyPresets.com (desktop and mobile presets) are delivered in a zip file. You will need to download the zip file to your computer first and then unzip it. If you purchase a mobile preset, instructions to transfer the preset file from your computer to your phone is included in the zip file. You can also find the same instructions here. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.

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Our mobile presets are designed for use with the free Lightroom CC mobile app, so you don’t need to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription plan to use them with the  app. Our mobile presets are a .DNG file type and cannot be added into the native Preset tab that comes with the app. As a result, there is a specific workflow you need to follow to apply them to your photos, with all steps clearly detailed in our guide. They are perfect for individuals who are not interested in purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription plan.



As of July 2018, Lightroom Creative Cloud has added support for syncing presets across devices for Adobe subscription members. This means members can now sync custom presets from their computer to the mobile app. Synced presets will show up in the native Preset tab within the mobile app, which is not the same as our mobile presets, which will appear in the Lightroom photo gallery or album. Our desktop presets are not optimized for mobile photography, so if you decide to sync them, you will need to make suitable adjustments when using them on photos taken with your phone. If you own Lightroom 5-6, you won’t be able to sync your presets, so you will need to purchase our mobile preset or bundles. 

Syncing presets from Lightroom CC is a new feature and at times may not work as expected. Please be aware that we don’t provide support for this workflow and recommend that you reach out to Adobe Customer Service for assistance in this regard.

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Complete desktop + mobile PRESET bundles

Our bundles come with the full suite of mobile and desktop presets, desktop adjustment presets and complete editing guides.

For Adobe subscription members, you have two ways of using our presets with the mobile app. You can either sync our desktop presets to the app from your computer in Lightroom CC or you can install our mobile presets to the app by following the instructions included. Alternatively, you can choose to do both. As stated earlier, our mobile presets are optimized for mobile photography while our desktop presets are designed for editing high-resolution images taken with DSLR cameras.

For Lightroom 5-6 users, you won’t be able to sync your presets, so you will need to install our mobile presets by following the included instructions.