Free Mobile Lightroom Preset

mobile lightroom presets

Enhancing your skin texture has been easier with our Flawless Skin Mobile Lightroom Preset! We’re so excited to offer it you for free for a limited time! This preset is perfect for selfies and portrait photos for a flawless look that is natural and airy. The best part is you can achieve a flawless complexion with a single click with this preset! No need to fiddle around with the settings. We've got you covered! 

How does it work? This preset will brighten your photos, and give your skin a smooth & clean finish . The colors in your photos will stay true to life as this preset does not modify the color and tone of your photos. Apply this preset to your photos first and then edit as usual. If you prefer color-enhancing presets, check out our Premium Color X Mobile Lightroom Presets. Please note, the download file is a zip file so it's best that you download it to your computer first to open it. Follow the easy easy instructions to transfer your mobile preset file from your computer to your phone using email! 

What apps do you need? Lightroom (iOS, Android) and Gmail (iOS, Android). iPhone users, use the default iOS email app instead of Gmail. 

 how to download and install mobile lightroom presets

Easy download & installation instructions

  1. Download the Gmail app to your phone first.
  2. From your computer, open your internet browser, log into Gmail and send an email to yourself with the DNG mobile preset file attached to it. Make sure you title the email subject "Dreamy Presets - Name of Preset". This will help you easily find the file in the future. 
  3. From your phone, open the Gmail app, and then open your email, click on the DNG mobile preset file, select Copy to Lightroom. If you see the "Unsupported File Type" message, just IGNORE it and continue.
  4. To use the mobile preset once you are in the Lightroom app, simply copy its settings and paste them onto a photo you want to edit. This is how you will apply the presets for any photos you want to edit in the future. Please watch the video demo below.