How To Inspire Your Instagram Husband To Take Better Photos (Of You!)

how to get your instagram photos to take better photos of you


If you’re reading this, chances are you have a husband or boyfriend taking your photos. We all know the invisible man behind the camera is the real MVP when it comes to Instagram photos. And while they’re not professional photographers, they’re happy to learn and do whatever it takes to help you get the perfect shot for your ‘gram.


Like any good relationship, it’s all about teamwork. Keeping in mind that he’s your bae first, and photographer second. When asking your husband or boyfriend to be your official IG husband, it’s important to realize that the way you manage your expectations is huge. You didn’t hire him to do the job, you asked him to do this out of the love he has for you, and being able to walk away from a job well done and still get along with one another is key. Being able to understand the way he thinks and the way he works will only inspire him to enjoy the process that much more, and ultimately become better at taking your photos - which truly is a win because it will help you become more successful in the long run.


We’ve put together our best tips that influencers and bloggers can follow to inspire their Instagram husbands to take better photos, become more successful, and minimize any unnecessary relationship stress during the process.


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#1 Motivate Him

Invest in some amazing camera gear and learn how to use it together. Most men love technology and new tech “toys.” Spend some time researching gear together. It’ll make him feel like he has some say in the process, plus if he loves the quality of the photos, he’ll likely be more excited about officially accepting his new position.


#2 Be Patient

Probably sound advice for any relationship, with or without an IG component; be patient with one another. He didn’t sign up for this, yet somehow your charm and persuasion has convinced him that he would make the perfect man for the job. If he doesn’t have a background in photography, then remember that this is all new for him. He’s not going to automatically know the perfect angles, or how to place colors within the frame to best compliment for the shot. Like all great things, it’ll take time.


#3 Show Him What You Want

Don’t be afraid to show him examples of the type of image you’re after. Snap screenshots of inspiration on the web, and give him examples of things to keep an eye on in capturing photos. We’re going to be honest - very few men are going to realize automatically that they should be looking for forgotten hair ties wrapped around your wrist, or flyaway strands of hair. Another big one - if your belt is crooked, he likely won’t notice. Spend time creating a list (but don’t make it too long and overwhelming) going over the automatic things you’ll need his help checking for, and then show him real life examples of what you want to gain from the photo itself.


#4 Don’t Take Photos When You Both Are Hungry, Thirsty, or Otherwise Grouchy

Just trust us here, don’t do it. You’re walking a dangerous tightrope when you expect your significant other to spend time capturing the perfect shot for your ‘gram when he’s hungry. It just won’t work. Not sure you believe us? Think about the last time he asked you to sit through his favorite sporting event, or when he tried to explain Fortnite to you with examples and all you could think about was the mint chocolate chip sitting in your freezer. Yeah. It’s a bad combo. Eat first, shoot last.


#5 Compliment More, Critique Less

You may need to write this one down on the inside of your wrist so you can repeat it to yourself when times get hairy. Remember, this isn’t his major focus. He just wants to make you happy, and would probably much rather be doing ten other things than snapping photos. So try and find at least one compliment with every click of the camera, even if it has to come with a new direction. The end result will likely be the photo you want, and fewer hurt feelings. Plus, he’ll be more likely to come out and help the next time you’re needing him to.

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#6 Set a Schedule, No Surprises

Sit down with him and go over how many shots you’re needing and when you’re both free to make it happen. Make sure he has some say in his availability, rather than springing it on him last minute and having him feel like he doesn't have a choice. Make sure he knows that his help is super important to you, and that you value what he has going on, too. Be willing to work around his schedule and he’ll be willing to work with yours.


#7 Set Time Limits

Talk about this when you’re scheduling your shoots together. Let him know beforehand how many shots you’re going to need and what it involves - that way it’s not a surprise once you get started. Be honest and tell him how long you think it’ll take, that way you can set a time frame for when you can be finished.


#8 Plan Your Shoot; Don’t Make Him Do It

When shoot day comes, have everything ready so it’s easy peasy for him. Have every detail already figured out down the very last thing. Outfits, accessories, poses, locations, all of it. It’ll be a time saver (and a relationship saver) and he’ll appreciate you for it!


#9 Show Him Your Gratitude

Take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant after the shoot, or basically - just do something nice for him. Level the playing field and do something with him that he loves - watch his favorite sport, play that video game that he loves. Or if he’s been wanting to see a new movie at the theatre, take him on a date. Whatever it is, show him how much you love him and how thankful you are that not only do you get to spend more time together, but that you appreciate his help on making your project such a success.


Ultimately, remember that at the end of the day, your relationship with him comes first, and Instagram has to take the back seat. At least momentarily. If he’s genuinely not loving his new gig as photographer, and it shows in the photos he’s snapping, then it may be time to sit him down and give him the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech - lovingly. A great relationship knows its boundaries, and if this is one of them, then it’s more important to let him go and get back to the role of just being the love of your life, and not your photographer, too. You can always find a local photographer in your area who specializes in working with bloggers, and they may even shoot at a lower rate in exchange for shoutouts, collaborations, and other marketing deals.