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Have you been searching for editing presets that give your photos that perfect light & airy pastel tone? You've come to the right place! If you love soft colors and warm tones, the Millennial Pink Mobile Preset is perfect for you! It’s designed to transform your photos with one-click, creating that highly sought-after pastel aesthetic that thousands of bloggers and creatives love! And they’re so easy to use! 

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What Our Customers Say

Christine Covino


I love the presets I’ve purchased from Dreamy Presets! I’ve been trying to get my feed to have a cohesive feed for months and have spent countless time and effort trying to come up with my own settings. I use the Millennial Pink Preset and now is my feed finally cohesive but I’m no longer spending hours trying to get all the editing right! It’s quick, easy and beautiful!

Purchasing the Millennial Pink Presets was the best thing for my Instagram feed! Since I started blogging, I have tried many presets but I was never satisfied with how they made my page look, until I found Dreamy Presets. I have received so many compliments on my pictures and have been asked many times what presets I use. I cannot say enough good things about them! They are easy to use and transform my pictures into beautiful images that make my Instagram cohesive and fun!

Amber Feldman


Where to even begin... When I found Dreamy Presets’ Millennial Pink preset all my blogger dreams came true! I had been searching endlessly for the perfect app to edit my blog photos and nothing impressed me the way Dreamy Presets did. The aesthetic of my Instagram feed has changed from boring to gorgeous! Since using Dreamy Presets I’ve saved so much time editing my photos. It has been the best investment for my blog! I cannot say enough good things about them! I 100% recommend investing your money into Dreamy Presets!

How It Works

You'll Get One Premium Preset

Our powerful single-tone preset is designed to you help you create that gorgeous pastel aesthetic the everyone loves with minimal effort. Working with a single preset will help you to create and maintain a cohesive aesthetic!


What are mobile presets?

Mobile presets are photo filters made for the Lightroom mobile app! They're special image files that contain editing settings which can be saved and applied to your photos within the Lightroom mobile app. 

Do I pay a subscription to keep this preset?

No! Once you've purchased and downloaded the preset, it's yours to keep forever. 

Can I use my phone to take photos with this preset?

Yes, absolutely! This preset is designed to work best with photos taken with the iPhone and Android.

Do you have examples of customer photos?

We have lots and lots of customer photos! Please check out Instagram feed & story highlights and customer portal page!

I have another question! Can I ask you?

Yes! Please email us your question(s) and we'll answer them as soon as possible! Click over to our Contact page.