Your photo editing personality is...

Natural & Bright

You gravitate toward a vibrant and true-to-life color photo aesthetic. You love images that capture an energetic, exciting and cheerful quality.

You’re inspired by photos that depict the essence of those nostalgic moments and wild adventures. You love to travel, see the world in its unfiltered natural beauty and communicate this energy throughout your images.  

Just for you...

We handpicked - just for you, 3 most-loved Lightroom presets to help you easily create this natural, energetic and bright photo aesthetic. We promise you'll love them! 

Meet Your Perfect Presets

Everyday Luxe Presets

"I love how my feed looks with the Everyday Luxe Presets. It allows me to keep my photos bright and fun without washing out or over brightening some colors. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my feed since switching to this preset!"

Susan, @fit_sedation


Pretty Lifestyle Presets

"These Pretty Lifestyle Presets are INCREDIBLE! I was already a happy Dreamy Preset customer before, but this set of three presets are so beautiful AND easy to use for both indoor and outdoor photos. I rarely adjust anything! Thanks for creating such a gorgeous product. Highly recommend!"

Miriam, @multifamily_ninja


Lilac Preset

"I love this preset! I’ve used many of Dreamy’s Presets (love them all!) but this is definitely my favorite! I love how bright and colorful it is—it makes my feed look so happy!"

Meg, @magicallymegmcguire