The Perfect Light & Airy Lightroom Mobile Presets

pretty lifestyle mobile lightroom presets

Take Your Feed From Ordinary To Stunning

pretty lifestyle mobile lightroom presets

Want gorgeous, light & airy photos without spending hours editing? You'll love the all-new Pretty Lifestyle Lightroom Mobile Presets! Designed to help you create stunning bright images in one click! If you love soft colors, creamy skin tones, and bright images, these presets are made for you!

Perfect for lifestyle bloggers & moms!

Save Time. Edit Less. Get Gorgeous Results In One Click

Tanner Clemens

Tanner Clemens


Dreamy presets has completely changed my IG feed! I don’t even post a photo without using a preset from them first. I’ve purchased several others before and don’t even use them because Dreamy Presets are just that much better!

Zoe Dokas

Zoe Dokas


I can’t even remember life before Dreamy Presets! I swear the millennial pink preset has changed my instagram game forever. The preset itself is so so easy to install + use on the daily. I cannot recommend dreamy presets enough. My feed has completely transformed with one click of a button! ✨




I knew it was time to purchase when the 5th girl I reached out to who had a gorgeous feed said she was using Dreamy Presets! I tried alternatives but investing in these presets was such a good decision. They make EVERY photo look so good and “dreamy” with a couple of easy clicks in Lightroom. I get SO many compliments on my feed and I have to give credit where it’s due!

How It Works

how to install mobile lightroom presets
how to install mobile lightroom presets

This Premium Pack Includes

mobile lightroom presetsmobile lightroom presetsmobile lightroom presets


What are mobile presets?

Mobile presets are photo filters made for the Lightroom mobile app! It takes seconds to apply our mobile presets to your photos and get bright, gorgeous photos!

Do I pay a subscription to keep this preset?

No! Once you've purchased and downloaded the preset, it's yours to keep forever. 

Can I download straight to phone?

No. Because the download file is a zip file, we recommend that you download to your computer first to open it, and then email the preset files to yourself to access them on your mobile phone! Our easy guide will show how to transfer the preset files and use them on your phone!

Do you have examples of customer photos?

We have lots and lots of customer photos! Please check out our Instagram feed & story highlights and customer portal page!

What if I don't like the results?

While we do not offer refunds and exchanges on digital products, we're happy to give you guidance to help you get the possible results for your photos. Due to differences in lighting in every photo, you may need to make slight adjustments to your photos. Please don't hesitate to contact us!