Why They Love Dreamy Presets

Hillary Cripps, @shophillarycripps

Jozy Caulfield / @blondeblissblog

Vanessa Kuhn, @nessabugblogs

Abigail Tuano, @absterr7

Stephanie Calise / @theblondegirldaily

Halley Mastro / @halley_mastro

Meghan Kanas

I struggled for so long trying to find the perfect filter to give my Instagram feed that “aesthetic” look. Once I discovered Dreamy Presets I knew that it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! For me, spending money on a preset was an investment, and it has definitely paid off! So grateful for the transformation that Dreamy Presets has given my feed!

Meghan Kanas @meghankanas

Hannah Tate

I absolutely love my dreamy preset! It takes all the stress out of having a cohesive feed. Just a quick copy & paste and all of my photos come to life. I highly recommend the M Pink present for the best bright & airy photos!

Hannah Tate @trulyhannahtate

Jessica Bryant

I can not rave about Dreamy Presets enough! Since incorporating their presets into my feed, I’ve seen such a huge difference in aesthetics and feedback. And the thing that impressed me so much was the fact that their presets were so user friendly when it came time to install them! I am not tech savvy and this process was super easy!! Highly recommended!!

Jessica Bryant @locks.and.frocks

Elissa Walker

Purchasing the Millennial Pink Presets was the best thing for my Instagram feed! Since I started blogging, I have tried many presets but I was never satisfied with how they made my page look, until I found Dreamy Presets. I have received so many compliments on my pictures and have been asked many times what presets I use. I cannot say enough good things about them! They are easy to use and transform my pictures into beautiful images that make my Instagram cohesive and fun!

Elissa Walker, @awalkonthestyledside

Kristen Fortier

I’m in love with my Millennial Pink Presets! Not only have they made my Instagram feed look gorgeous and cohesive I’ve seen an increase in engagement! Best purchase I’ve made all year. If you’re serious about growing your following or running a business from your Instagram account Dreamy Presets are a must have! I can’t recommend them enough!

Kristen Fortier, @kristenfortier

Christine Covino

I love the presets I’ve purchased from Dreamy Presets! I’ve been trying to get my feed to have a cohesive feed for months and have spent countless time and effort trying to come up with my own settings. I use the Millennial Pink Presets and now is my feed finally cohesive but I’m no longer spending hours trying to get all the editing right! It’s quick, easy and beautiful!

Christine Covino, @christinemcovino


I always wanted a cohesive theme that fit my own personal style and Dreamy Presets Millennial Pink presets helped me achieve that! I LOVE editing my pictures now and they makes it so simple to have a really beautiful and unique aesthetic. I always get questions about what filters I use to edit my photos and these presets are 100% worth the price!

Stephanie Jakubek, @simplystephjaye


Where do I even begin?!? Purchasing the Millennial Pink Presets was completely changed my Instagram feed!! I receive compliments daily about my photos and I give all the credit to Dreamy Presets...I had looked at several other preset types and none of them even come close to comparing!! I owe a HUGE thank you to y’all and will continue sharing all about your products!! They really and truly are so good. Thank you for making my images flow together so well and for bringing such cohesiveness to my Instagram feed.

Molly Ann, @mollyann


I would always think about ways I could make my Instagram feed look clean and cohesive. After purchasing the Millennial Pink Presets my Instagram feed became exactly what I wanted! You will not regret purchasing these presets, they are a total game changer. I absolutely 100% recommend them!!

Maria Leija, @marialeijablog


Dreamy Presets have made my dream Instagram feed a reality! Since I launched my blog, I wanted all my photos to be cohesive. The only problem was that I didn’t know how I would accomplish this without spending hours trying to edit my pictures to have a common theme knowing I didn’t even have the knowledge to do that. So, when I came across Dreamy Presets, I knew this was exactly what I needed! Since then, I have had so many questions as to how I edit my photos. I L O V E Dreamy Presets!

Nancy, @nancyherrerastyle

Vidya Gopalan

I absolutely love using Dreamy Presets. 
All of my photos are consistent and tell a story now and the best part is basically little to no editing to any of my photos!

Vidya Gopalan, @queencitytrends


Dreamy Presets has helped my blog tremendously! I fell in love with the Rose Gold filter & immediately after using it I could notice a difference in the flow of my feed. I was so impressed with how easy the process of downloading and adding the application to both my phone & computer was as well. Now I can transform a picture in a matter of minutes whereas before it was taking me three times that! Thank you for creating an amazing product that bloggers at any stage can use!

Ashley, @simply.stewart


I absolutely LOVE dreamy presets! Before, it felt like I would take so much time editing and I still wouldn’t be really happy with the outcome. Now, it’s just tiny adjustments after applying the preset and still have that cohesive look I’ve always wanted! I wanted something that made my photos look more professional before starting my blog and millennial pink does not disappoint!

Ashley, @thesouthernpeony

Jeannette Ross

Dreamy Presets have been such a time saver! I can now edit my instagram and blog pictures in just a few clicks and they come out so beautiful! I love that it adds cohesiveness to my feed without looking too overdone!

Jeannette Ross, @theblendedblonde_


Where to even begin... When I found Dreamy Presets’ Millennial Pink preset all my blogger dreams came true! I had been searching endlessly for the perfect app to edit my blog photos and nothing impressed me the way Dreamy Presets did. The aesthetic of my Instagram feed has changed from boring to gorgeous! Since using Dreamy Presets I’ve saved so much time editing my photos. It has been the best investment for my blog! I cannot say enough good things about them! I 100% recommend investing your money into Dreamy Presets!

Amber Feldman, @trendyandspendy

Em Hewitt

I have fallen in love with the Millennial Pink Presets! It has made my Instagram feed so cohesive and it has taken the worry of Instagram away and I am enjoying creating content again. The mobile preset is also so easy to use. Love love LOVE!

Em Hewitt, @emhewitt_

Vanessa Gonzalez

When I found out about the “Millennial Pink Preset”  I was hooked by its aesthetic, gorgeous projection for my IG page, and overall cute color palette. I wondered what positive effects I could eventually achieve, and turns out not only my current followers loved but I’ve earned so many more fans during the course of this year! 💕

Vanessa Gonzalez, @fmbyvanessagonzalez

Brooke Sholar

Absolutely love the filters I purchased. They make it easy to share a cohesive feed, and are stunning!

Brooke Sholar, @brooke.shola

Halley Mastro

Ever since I found Dreamy Presets my brand dreams have come true! For months I was trying to find a way to streamline my photography that best communicated my brand style and voice. I was so excited when I found the Millennial Pink Presets because it not only took away the pressure to perfect my photo editing but it also made my brand more unique and set apart. I’m so much more proud to put my work online now with Dreamy Presets filter!

Halley Mastro, @halley_mastro


Before Dreamy Presets, I’d spent far too much time and money on presets that looked nothing like what I’d envisioned and didn’t match my branding. I was struggling to find a preset that fit my style, and just when I’d about give up, I found Dreamy Presets. Right off the bat, I was so impressed by the quality and service they provide and have been incredibly happy with my Millennial Pink Presets. My feed has never looked better! Thank you so much, Dreamy Presets, for all your help and support in getting me the gorgeous feed I’ve always dreamed of!

Jozy Caulfield @blondeblissblog

Kimmie Gotch

I had been searching for the perfect editing app but I couldn’t find anything that I loved. I stumbled upon Dreamy Presets Instagram page and immediately knew I had found what I’d been searching for! The Millennial Pink Presets have been a game changer for me! My instagram feed is light, bright and finally cohesive! I get so many messages/comments from people saying they are loving how my feed looks and I have Dreamy Presets to thank for that!

Kimmie Gotch, @joyfullystyled

Jennifer Le

Here’s what you get when you become a Dreamy Presets customer: a revamped/cohesive Instagram feed, beautifully-edited photos for your Instagram or blog, and excellent customer service! The Millennial Pink Preset Pack has transformed the way I edit photos, and given my feed a unified look that I had been trying to achieve for the longest time. I am completely happy with my purchase, and the long-term value this has created for me.

Jennifer Le, @jenniferdle

Kayle Riccobono

I can't tell you how many presets I've purchased in the past, and they never end up they way I am thinking in my head! Since purchasing the Millennial Pink Presets from Dreamy Presets, I've gotten so many compliments on my photos and Instagram feed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kayle Riccobono, @rougewithlove

Cute and Little

These presets are a treasure for bloggers! My favorite preset is definitely the Barcelona Preset Pack as it works wonders in brightening up my images without overexposing them and adds that ethereal dreamy feel to them that I love. I don’t always have the best lighting whenever I’m taking pictures but having these presets makes me feel like I can get away with it! 

Kileen Valenzuela, @cutenlittle

Jenny Tran

This year I decided to relaunch my fashion blog and was looking to give my Instagram Feed that perfect makeover! Before I found Dreamy Presets, I had tried so many different photo editing apps and filters and none of them worked for me. Once I installed Lightroom, downloading the Millennial Pink preset was so easy to use. I love the fact that I can now make an edit to my photos in seconds and instantly post to Instagram! Thank you Dreamy Presets!

Jenny Tran, @jennytran

Natasha Funderbunk

I started using Dreamy Presets about a month ago; both for my online clothing boutique as well as my blog account. I had been struggling in the past finding a cohesive theme that really fit both brands, and I was thrilled with the packages I purchased from Dreamy Presets. Not only are they easy to install and use, but they really give my photos the extra professionalism and vibe I've been looking for. In addition, customer service has been amazing and someone is always available to answer questions! I would highly recommend this brand and product to anyone wanting to up their game in regards to their photos or Instagram account!

Natasha Funderburk, @tashfunderburk

Hillary Cripps

I have been wanting a preset for awhile but didn't really know where to start! I wanted a preset that fit my style and theme. When I came across Dreamy Presets, I was immediately hooked. After the easy set up, I was good to go! I've also been so impressed with the customer service since I did have a few questions.

Hillary Cripps, @shophillarycripps

Jonica Wildes

Still obsessing over Dreamy Presets! My feed looks so cohesive ever since using the Millennial Pink Presets.

Jonica Wildes, @sandytoesandsaltyhairblog

Stephanie Calise

I am so happy I found Dreamy Presets! I purchased the Millennial Pink Presets and I am obsessed. They are so clean and crisp and make my feed look absolutely stunning! They are really easy to use and take all my pictures to the next level.

Stephanie Calise @theblondegirldaily

Inna Klimovich

I absolutely love your presets! Ever since I started using the Millennial Pink Presets, a lot of my followers have been asking me about my photos, and I've been telling them about you!

Inna Klimovich, @inna__klimovich

Brittany Friedman

Dreamy Presets has completely changed my life! I was always hesitant to buy presets because I thought it was always just you click one option and that's all you can do. That's not the case with Dreamy Presets and it makes using Lightroom 1000 times easier and better! 

Brittany Friedman, @brittfriedman

Maryam Nia

As a fashion blogger, the quality of my pictures is very important. I use the New York Preset Pack for my photos and it has made my life so much easier. The pictures turn out exactly the way I want them and it is so easy to use. 

Maryam Nia, @glamandposh

Gabrielle Prosser

The New York Preset Pack has helped me to achieve a cohesive feed throughout both my Instagram and blog. It's taken the hassle out of editing, put the fun back into photography and helped me to create a distinct style all of my own!

Gabrielle Prosser, @aglassofice

Melissa Madison

Your Santorini Preset Pack is amazing! It has truly helped me 'up' my Instagram game and makes editing my photos so much easier. Rather than going through a long editing process, this preset collection has all of the edits I typically like to make to my photos in it so it saves me time and makes editing photos a fun process! 

Melissa Madison, @missyonmadison

Paige Kinsey

I love the Milan Preset Pack! It's turning every photo from eh, to a whole new level. I am obsessed! I'm going in a new direction with Instagram feed and I couldn't be happier!

Paige Kinsey, @paige_kinsey

Nicole Macdonald

With a just a few clicks I can improve the quality of my photos with the flexibility to adjust levels if need. The LA Preset Pack has been a game changer in how I edit my photos! My photos now look much more professional across my blog and social pages!

Nicole Macdonald, @thelustlife_

Lara Davis

Getting these presets was, by far, one of my best blogging decisions! It has saved me SO much time editing! It used to take me so long and now all of my photos are edited with only a few clicks! I was pretty nervous to order them because I had no prior experience with Lightroom. I actually bought these when I had the free Lightroom trial and ended up purchasing Lightroom just so I could keep using them! So happy I got them and I’m sure you will love them too!

Lara Davis, @larakerrigann

Jennifer Alvarez

These dreamy presets are so user friendly! I’ve used the mobile Lightroom app in the past and these just took my feed to another level :) can’t wait to continue to use them, they’re exactly what i was looking for.

Jennifer Alvarez, @jenbunnies

Magan Long

I am so happy I found Dreamy Presets! I always wondered how other bloggers got that cohesive looking Instagram feed. Dreamy Presets makes it so easy! They are so easy to work with and explain everything step by step.

Magan Long, @primeyourstyle

Ellie Chan

Literally your Citrus Preset Pack has changed my feed and my photos! I've been looking for something like this for so long and not enjoying my IG feed but now I'm so happy when I see what I'm creating. 

Ellie Chan, @scotch.and.stilettos

Soulful Vibes Blog

Perfectionist, obsessed with details, in love with visual beauty.. been there, done that!! I’m so glad I decided to buy the Millennial Pink Preset!! It’s everything! My feed transformed immediately and I am, at last, happy with what I’m seeing!! Oh, and they have the best customer care! I feel like we are longtime friends! 🙈🙈

Bianca Popa, @soulfulvibesblog

Steph Clark

Well, to put it plainly: these presets are legit and I’m all about the clarity the RoseGold brings to my images. My feed has a very clear and cohesive theme - and as a professional photographer, I have certain editing flows that work for clients but my personal style for family portraits and shots just wasn’t defined until I found Dreamy Presets. You won’t be disappointed, and having the mobile preset option is a life-saver! Thank you thank you!!

Steph Clark, @_motherwander_

Catherine Lorene

I had been looking for presets for a while. Something to make my feed look cohesive... I had tried others and they just didn’t look right. I came across Dreamy Presets and I fell in love with the Soft Peach! I love the peachy tones coming through on my instagram and blog. Now editing is so easy! And my pictures look amazing! Thank you Dreamy Presets!

Catherine Lorene @catherinelorene

Larissa Wells

Before I bought a preset, I struggled to give my instagram feed a consistent look and color. I would take forever playing around with the colors and never liked how they looked! I was tired of wasting my time and wanted my feed to look consistent and my photos to capture the eye. That’s when I found Dreamy Presets! They have made a huge difference and have made my photos & feed stand out!

Larissa Wells @larissawells

Taylor Beaves

Before I found Dreamy Presets, I went through three other presets trying to find what best suited me and my style! None of the ones I purchased were what I was looking for and the majority of them were dull and gloomy! Once I began using Dreamy Presets my IG feed came to life! It made all of my outfits vibrant and my feed more cohesive! This is the best purchase I have made in this journey of blogging and I am so happy I did! I highly recommend these presets! I love Dreamy Presets so much!

Taylor Beavers @lifeistaylormade

Jenilee Furr

After giving birth to my sweet little angel in April, I knew my Instagram Feed was going to change and be all about her and our family adventures! I loved taking pictures, but never realized how important the aesthetics were to sharing in my feed! I found dreamy presets and after consulting about which preset would work for our lifestyle, I went with the Millennial Pink Preset. I could not be more happy with the way my pictures look and the compliments i have been receiving makes it worth the purchase! 

Jenilee Furr @jenileefurr

Morganne Lavigne

Ever since using the  Soft Peach Preset, I have been so eager and excited to post! Using the Soft Peach Preset has heightened both of my photography and blog content. By giving each post a fresh and light feel, the Soft Peach Preset has taken my photos form dull to vibrant! I was nervous at first to invest and educate myself in working with the presents feature, boy was I mistaken! The mobile and desktop version are so easy to navigate through and use! I’m so glad I invested and continue to love and use my Soft Peach Preset!

Morganne Lavigne @morgannelavigne

Rachlynn Rogers

I've gained so many new followers since using the Millennial Pink Presets so THANK YOU!!!! It's made such a difference to my Instagram feed.

Rachlynn Rogers @rachlynrogers

Harper and Sky Boutique

We absolutely adore Dreamy Presets and the Pure Preset has been the perfect touch for editing photos for Harper & Sky! At Harper & Sky, we believe in showcasing each woman’s individual beauty, and we’ve struggled in finding a preset that helps highlight that as opposed to changing the overall feel of the photo. The Pure Preset brightens our photo and gives it a simple elegance without altering the products’ natural aesthetic. The result is a gorgeous photo that looks beautiful on our website and our Instagram! We couldn’t be happier with the result!

Natasha Funderburk @harperandskyboutique

Katie Meshko

I bought the Millennial Pink presets for mobile and to say I am obsessed would be an understatement! I wish I would have found these earlier. I absolutely love editing my photos with this preset, it's so easy, convenient, and fun. The preset instantly makes all photos 100x better. Using these presets are a game changer and they have definitely helped me up my Instagram game! 

Katie Meshko @katiemeshko

Tiffany Dixon

Dreamy Presets helped to take my Instagram page to the next level! I am so in love with their presets. So simple to use and very user friendly.

Tiffany Dixon @trulytiffanyxo