Your photo editing personality is...

Striking & Artistic

You’re allured by a unique beauty in a photo aesthetic that is sultry, expressive and moody. Your images are creatively captured to say far more than just the picture on the page. You love photos that possess a deep and dramatic quality. You’re not afraid to think outside of the box.

You’re inspired by the rich red tones of fall, the lush dark greens of nature and everything you create is designed to express thought, personality and meaning.

Just for you...

We handpicked 3 most-loved Lightroom presets to help you easily create this sultry & moody photo aesthetic. We promise you'll love them!

Meet Your Perfect Presets

Soft Peach Preset

"The PERFECT fall preset!! gives just the right amount of fall moodiness while still enhancing warm tones and not making photos too dark!"

Hannah G.


Rose Gold Preset

"I absolutely love this minimalist preset. It adds so much drama & contrast to my photos! I've been using for over two years now and nothing has come close!" 

Jessica C.


Celestial Grey Preset

"Moody, raw and cinematic are the best words to describe this amazing preset. One of my all-time favorite presets."

Lindsey V.