Meet the Millennial Pink Preset

A beautiful, modern Lightroom preset that creates bright, pastel images with a subtle hint of warm blush.

Edit Less & Create More Content

Where to even begin... When I found Dreamy Presets’ Millennial Pink preset all my blogger dreams came true! I had been searching endlessly for the perfect app to edit my blog photos and nothing impressed me the way Dreamy Presets did. The aesthetic of my Instagram feed has changed from boring to gorgeous! Since using Dreamy Presets I’ve saved so much time editing my photos. It has been the best investment for my blog! I cannot say enough good things about them! 

Amber Feldman


Stand Out From The Crowd

Ever since I found Dreamy Presets my brand dreams have come true! For months I was trying to find a way to streamline my photography that best communicated my brand style and voice. I was so excited when I found the Millennial Pink Presets because it not only took away the pressure to perfect my photo editing but it also made my brand more unique and set apart. I’m so much more proud to put my work online now with Dreamy Presets filter!

Halley Mastro


Join thousands of Girl Bosses worldwide — influencers, business owners, photographers, creatives — who've taken their Instagram feed and branding to the next level with The Millennial Pink Preset!

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