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Learn how thousands of moms around the world are turning their everyday phone photos into stunning works of art with the help of...

Holiday Lightroom Preset Pack

If you’re a mom, and you…

Want to capture more of your wonderful family moments and turn them into beautiful, high-quality images (but you don’t know how…)

Struggle with photo editing and want an easy, straightforward, do-it-yourself way to edit pictures to perfection

Want to feel more confident when sharing your images on social media by creating images that are more clear, vivid, and dreamy... 

holiday products with lightroom presets

For many years, I’ve helped thousands of moms master the art of DIY photography, unlock their creativity, and create world-class photos with minimal editing. 

Today, I’m here to help you do the same.

By spending years perfecting my skills as a portrait photographer, I’ve developed a vibrant set of photo editing tools that can absolutely transform the quality of any photo with a single click.  

It’s this set of tools and presets that I’m here to share with you today – my one-of-a-kind collection of Lightroom presets that turn any image from dull into vibrant, thoughtful story that’s truly worth a thousand words.

Introducing the Thrive Signature Lightroom Presets

For moms who want to take their family photos to next level!

holiday products with lightroom presets

Made for every lighting conditions and designed to make your images strong, clear, and vivid.
Once you get them, installing them only takes a minute, and you’re ready to create stunning, heart-warming, soul-stirring images with only a few clicks.  

See Our Presets In Action In The Lightroom App

Thousands of moms around the world LOVE and SWEAR BY our presets collection. Here are some of their stories:

Love these presets! So beautiful and perfect for the holidays. They have just enough warmth to help your photos and feed look and feel festive and seasonal, without adding a crazy filter over them. Highly recommend.


I absolutely love these dreamy holiday presets! They make my photos look so festive and magical. I’m obsessed with all of them and they give my photos the perfect holiday touch!


This holiday package is a MUST! It’s gorgeous! It makes my photos feel like they are out of a magazine! Plus they are probably the most kind people I’ve ever met!


Setting Up Is As Easy
As 1-2-3


Download LR Mobile App

Download the free Lightroom Mobile App to your mobile phone, available the App Store or Google Play


Follow Easy Guide

Follow our easy guide to download and install our mobile presets onto your phone to use with the Lightroom Mobile App


Edit Like A Pro 

Once the presets are installed in the Lightroom Mobile app, you're ready to edit like pro!

Why You'll Love These Amazing Presets


Your best captures + our amazing presets = incredible, vibrant, showstopping images that capture the eyes (and hearts) of everyone that see them and help you achieve the bright, clean, colorful edits you’ve always desired.


With our 9 hand-crafted photo filters designed for moms who want to capture more beautiful family moments, you can instantly glow up any image in just a few seconds, with just one click.


Join a community of supportive moms longing for high-quality photography, empower yourself by creating beautiful memories, and share your art with the world.


Whether it’s in our Facebook group (which you’re invited to), or our awesome support team, we’ll all be here to answer your questions, hear your feedback, and listen to your suggestions.


Even if you aren’t one. Even if you have no editing experience whatsoever, you can create stunning images with our preset collection with just a few clicks.

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