Your photo editing personality is...

Soft & Timeless

You're drawn to dreamy, pastel tones and inspired by understated elegance. You’re captivated by images that infuse a luxurious, light and airy aesthetic with a refined touch of feminine flair.

You're inspired by the soft pink tones of spring blossom, those crisp winter whites, the chic fine details, and every inch of your personality embodies the essence of sophistication.  

Just for you...

We’ve handpicked 3 most-loved Lightroom presets to help you easily create this timeless & dreamy photo aesthetic. We promise you'll love them! 

Meet Your Perfect Presets

Influencer Style Preset

"The presets in this bundle are amazing! If you want your Instagram feed to look aesthetically pleasing and your photos to look amazing. All of these presets do that! Dusty rose and M Pink are two of my favorites."

Melissa, @_melisswalters_


Millennial Pink Preset

"This is my #1 go to filter for my photos!  I love to travel and take lifestyle photos, the Millennial Pink Preset is perfect for that! It makes my pictures very cohesive and professional! It has completely changed the way I edit my photos. Very eye-catching and gorgeous results, you will not be disappointed!"

Michelle, @michellezzak


Dreamy White Preset

"I am absolutely in love with this preset! it elevates your dark and bland photos and gives it an amazing bright and airy chic look. I always receive questions and complements on my photos when i use this preset(which is always!)."

Jaymes, @jaymesmilburn