Troubleshooting Your Preset 

Problem: Can't save mobile preset to phone –– no Save As Image or Open in Lightroom Option

There are a couple of reasons why this happens.  Let’s go through each and identify which one pertains to you:


1. Did you upload the entire zip file and upload it to Google Drive? Please double check. When upload the entire zip file to Google Drive and unzip it from there, Google Drive will change the properties of our DNG mobile preset file, and can potentially corrupt it. So, even if you were able to save it to your phone, it would not have worked in the Lightroom mobile app.

How to fix: Delete the zip file off of Google Drive. Delete all copies of the DNG mobile preset file from your Google Drive, Lightroom mobile app, Camera Roll. Go back to your computer and re-upload only the DNG mobile preset file.

2. You uploaded only the DNG mobile preset file to Google Drive, but for some random reasons, you're still not able to access the Save as Image or Open in Lightroom options. 

How to fix: Try text message the DNG mobile preset file to yourself instead and save it as an image in your camera roll. Then continue following rest of the instructions in the guide. The text message option is the Green Chat icon, next to the Mail icon when you click on "Send A Copy" to in the Google Drive app. 

3. If you're not able to text the image yourself, please do a screen video from the Google Drive app of you attempting to Send a Copy of the mobile preset file, and then text the file yourself, and so we can see what the issue may be.

Not sure how to do video screen?

On the iPhone, do this:

On an Android phone, you can download these free apps:

4. If you have difficulty with Google Drive, you can Airdrop the mobile preset file to your phone from your computer. It takes just seconds! You can use Airdrop if you have both a Mac computer or laptop and an iPhone!