Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

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Create gorgeous light-blush tone with hints of warm gold radiance across all your photos with the Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset. If you love muted, soft colors with a subtle vintage vibe, this preset is for you! By default, this product comes with 1 Mobile Lightroom Preset. 

You can upgrade this product include a Desktop Lightroom Preset by selecting the "Desktop Upgrade" option in the VERSION field above for an additional $15. 

What is included:

  • For Mobile Only Version: 1 Mobile Preset
  • For Desktop Upgrade Version: 1 Mobile Preset, 1 Desktop Preset
  • Installation instructions

Compatibility: Our mobile presets (DNG file format) are only compatible with the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Our desktop presets (LrTemplate file format) are only compatible with the paid version of Lightroom 5-6 or Lightroom Creative Cloud computer software. 

Download Requirements: This product will be delivered in a zip file. Be sure to download the zip file to your computer first in order to open it, and follow our included instructions to install the preset file(s). For the mobile preset, instructions to transfer it from your computer to your mobile phone are also included. 

Terms: Single-user license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action.  All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided. 

Your results will vary based on the quality, lighting and color profile of your original photos. You may need to make additional adjustments after applying our presets. Basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app and Lightroom desktop software is required.

Photography: Dreamy Presets

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Kori C.

if you’re struggling to create a beautiful and cohesive instagram feed, look no further! with the millennial pink preset, i have been able to cut down on editing time and turn my photos into a collection i love! i was having such a hard time trying to match colors and was switching between multiple photo apps for each and every post! dreamypresets has saved me! now, i have a more balanced feed and followers seem to notice! i loved the millennial pink preset so much, i came back to purchase their influencer bundle! highly recommend to anyone who’s hesitant or short on editing time!

Aline L.

Dreamy presets is the one and only preset I use for all my social media posts. It elevated my brand to a whole new level. Highly recommend them . I use the pink millennial on my feed and it it’s so beautiful 🙌🏻

Sarah F.

This present is classy but perfect for the everyday pic. It’s clean and clear & absolutely perfect! Highly recommend!

Chelsea T.

I absolutely love dreamy presets and the Millennial Pink preset specifically. I have gotten so many compliments on the lighting of my photos and have referred many people to this exact preset! The coloring and lighting is perfect for a clean quality feed. Would highly recommend!

Julian S.

After years of use, Millennial Pink from Dreamy Presets, is still my go-to choice when I need to add a little magic and sparkle to my special moments and memories! Case in Point: My latest Mulan-themed shoot where so many of my followers have been asking how I added that extra pictorial punch!

It’s perked up my insta-feed no end, keeping it looking divine and fresh, allowing me bring my social media A-game with ease!

Michelle Z.

Dreamy Presets Millennial Pink is my #1 go to filter for my photos! I am very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it! I love to travel and take lifestyle photos, the Millennial Pink Preset is perfect for that! It makes my pictures very cohesive and professional! It has completely changed the way I edit my photos. Very eye-catching and gorgeous results, you will not be disappointed!

Vera C.

Absolutely love this preset!!! Perfect for your every day pics, it literally transforms your pics and gives it that classy glamorous effect. It’s exactly the preset that I was looking for! Love it!!

Sara S.

I absolutely love Dreamy Presets ! It really enhances my photos and makes them way more visually appealing.

I would recommend these presets to anyone!

Sverlana W.

I simply love it! It makes my picture more "happy“.

Jessica H.

I love this preset! It took me a while to find one that was just the right fit for my brand and that when applied to any photo, it didn't come out grainy or washed out. Their customer service was exceptional as well, as they answered all of my questions very quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend, not just M pink, but any of their presets!

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